It’s Not `Southern Cal’

I wonder if USC officials will send CBS announcer Jim Nantz the memo that they do not like to be called “Southern Cal.” Nantz referred to USC as Southern Cal during the Duke-Gonzaga game today.

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    • Ok – look boyo check the sides of the Gamecoks helmets – a huge ‘C’ with a ‘gallo’ imposed on it – there is no ‘S’ anywhere to be found – why you ask? Because, as with all govt. financed plays the Gamecocks were slow on the uptake when: logos, web sites, dot org were sequentially purchased by Troy and there they are.

      Then again they didn’t have to ‘steal’ their older sister’s fight song as you fools did – what? Over 60 years later and there still aren’t any lyrics to it.

      • Southern Cal is a geographical location.

        UCLA is the Univ. of Ca at Los Angeles.

        UCLA owns LA collegian sports.

  1. Isn’t Nantz the one with that ’emperor’s new clothes’ ‘Experian iInspiring…’ radio ads? Got to hand it to him taking a college golf @ HOU and somehow is doing broadcasting.

  2. Meanwhile, the USC baseball team won another extra inning game and took the series at Washington. Of course wolf won’t post anything because winning a road series is a positive.

    • Scott won’t post it because nobody (except desperate Torgan Fans) cares. Baseball draws ZERO INTEREST until tournament time.
      Better to watch womens crew!
      fit UN!

      • AND ONLY TROLLS bring it up on their rival’s blog! Are you proud of having NO LIVES?

    • Gee whiz 12, UCLA swept Washington St. and moved into 1st place at 8 – 1.

      • Good for them…do yourself a favor and post it on the UCLA blog or your DateMeLA profile.

  3. As SCgrad12 said – Two back to back extra innings victories! 4 – 2 in conference play @ AZ next weekend

  4. Loosen up, Scottie…. It works. People know who they’re talking ’bout.

  5. I remember on a real USC football forum this was brought up, and USC is OK again with being called “Southern Cal.” The “it’s not Southern Cal” era was when Mike McGee was the Athletic Director. Its something like this, I don’t remember the details, but Wolf is behind the bus again, or under it.

  6. I guess SC people don’t like the possible inference that Cal is superior and SC is simply a ‘Southern Cal.’

    I don’t care, but I know the SUCLAs and others like to use it as a ‘slap in the face’ insult. But it only is if you allow it to be.

    Meanwhile, back on the Western Front. Am I the only westerner who is wondering (and worried) about the last 40-years of college basketball?

    I mean, the West has won 2 national titles in the modern era, 40 years. Arizona one and SUCLA one. The odds are that the West should have won 10 in that time. What is the problem?

    California has about 15% of the U.S. population, so odds are the state should have 15% of the best basketball players. So why are they not going to West schools, all or most of them?

    Because the traditional powers are a draw– Kentucky, Duke, Kansas and North Carolina

    How can we keep the home grown talent in California?– By having one dominant school. It is not going to be SUCLA, it is not going to be Gonzaga

    SC will eventually emerge as THE basketball school of the West. I could be wrong, but I could be right.

    • paralegal….have you been hanging with “Otis”? BTW….when’s the last time you were right about anything?
      fit un!

    • BUT “UCLA”
      USED TO BE “ONE” (#1) OF THEM !!!

      Something in the South Land has gone wrong !

      Sweet 16 Good Job, NOW RECRUIT BETTER !!!

      As a USC fan (Football), the Trojans will never take Basketball from UCLA!!!

      Too Many National Championships !

      Last time I checked UCLA is working on “Up’Teen-th” NC !!

      USC is working on One

      UCLA Basketball

      Do something (Where are the Recruits ?)

      Sweet 16 is fine, “#1” is Better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bruin Basketball…


  7. FINALLY!! and to think how IRRITATED the Dummies around here always were when i used the Southern Cal moniker!!!

    it appears the wolfman has you Dummies on board now, no easy task with this bunch of petty, immature orfus goofuses!!!


    • So how long have you, Thai, owns, and all the other trolls worked for the Daily News? Do you guys have other nicknames for other boards too?

  8. Duke. Gonzaga. USC. When talking about the NCAA Basketball Tournament, which does not belong.

    • Since UCLA is my favorite College Basketball Team I won’t hit back !!

      USC is not a Basketball School !

      Football… !!!


  9. Get over it! Everyone around the country refers to USC as southern cal! U.S.C. is south Carolina…southern cal is what the rest of the calls the school on Figueroa.

  10. As a DieHard USC Football participant, and to all of the Trojan Fans…

    It is/We are…

    University of Southern California !

    So, Southern Cal fits/works !!

    If it/We were in Northern California then it would be…

    University of Northern California (UNC) !

    How stupid to duck your Name !!!

    USC – University of Southern California

    “SC” is only (And Always!) “USC”…


  11. I recall the original “flap over the term Southern Cal” originally came from Mike Garrett It was pointed out that is the first name of the state school in town. “University of California Southern campus or Southern Cal” My guess is he didn’t like idea of the misidentification.

  12. It’s all a tessalone thing! Someday usc is going to have a different SID, and a lot of people are going to be.very happy.

  13. Most people in the south out side of South Carolina call the gamecocks “Carolina”. 8 in 10 call the Trojans USC.

    • unless of course you’re wrong and they’re talking about the real Carolina, UNC.

      • I had family in Georgia and still do in Tennessee. Having been to games at both Athens and Knoxville (pre Kiffin). Almost everyonue I saw and talked to referee to us a USC. My niece and her husband both are UGA alums. We talked in depth about the court case granting USC the the interlocking SC logo and stopping Carolina’s use of it. I’ve never heard anyone except you refer to UNC As Carolina and I’ve traveled in both North and South Carolina.

  14. The real reason Southern Cal fans don’t like the name is it reminds everyone that these school is in South Central. I’d be ashamed too.

  15. USC and the media have been going back and fourth with the Southern Cal issue for over 35 years, that I know of. I have a media guide from 1978, and the topic was being addressed way back then. The Athletic dept needs to stop being so sensitive , because most people in the media refer to USC as Southern Cal , and always will.

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