16 thoughts on “USC Women’s Tennis Celebrates Pac-12 Title By Smashing Trophy

    • Remind me Football, when’s the last time the ruins won the conference or Rose Bowl…?

      • Remind me when the last time Klown U won a FB game? Remember Nov 2014 – SUCC gets another spear shoved up its kazoo.

          • Quit proving you can’t read Kraps. UCLA got the Victory Bell and Klown U got a spear in the rear. Ever so poetic.

          • You and Bucket…..shoving spears together…..How romantic……And I can read just fine, thank you……on the other hand, comprehending your rhetoric is a whole nother story….

  1. Typical UGLY man-losers who would criticize anything anyone with USC does. These are just young women who made a mistake – get over yourselves.

  2. Good job girls, this is what USC thinks of conference trophys. We know what really matters. Fight On Young Ladies!

  3. reminds me of when we presented Yoda with the Cadre Lifetime Acheivement Award.

    He stood there for a second, said “#&$% it” and smashed the trophy over Pete Carroll’s head. come to think of it, that was the night before the Superbowl…..hmmm.


  4. Outside of men’s football championships, all else is, well, second place at best:

    1970-Present Football: SC 5 National titles
    And 4 No. 2s

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