Lindsey Buckingham Of Fleetwood Mac Dons Band Helmet

BUCKINGHAMKevin Fohrer/Daily Trojan

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham wore a USC band helmet at the end of his talk at Bovard Auditorium. Buckingham performed Tusk with the USC band at the end of the show. Even Pat Haden and J.K. McKay were on hand at the beginning.

  • gotroy22

    I loved it when Golly-Nerd asked him about his first name.

  • Charlie Bucket

    for Crissakes, will someone tell AARP Bartner that the whole craze of wearing sunglasses at night or indoors began and ENDED in the freaking 1980’s!!!! any band that does it now might as well wear penny loafers and Ditto jeans!!!

    Stanford can get away with it, only because they have the “zanny band” niche. any other band that does it, ESPECIALLY indoors or at night to be “cool” looks like a bunch of DOOOOSHBAGS!!!

    wolfman, Bartner DESERVES every crouch kick you give him!!!

    thank SATAN the UCLA band is cool enough to not wear sunglasses even on sunny days!! (that’s why their hats have BILLS).