Alternate USC Helmet Of The Day

GOLD.HELMET.2Here’s another creative design for a USC helmet that features the pant stripes and baseball cap logo. The collection can be viewed hereĀ and I recommend the Georgia Tech helmet.

16 thoughts on “Alternate USC Helmet Of The Day

  1. Looks like an advert for ‘Car’s Jr.’ – what a mess – a mere ‘one more stroke’ from that old AZ St. helmet.

    Next on a state financed campus in your purview ‘glbt’ demanding they get to ‘design’ sports uniforms

    “Hmmm Hmmmmm – let’s see… why not a ‘whisper’ of ‘taupe’ accented with a pinch of ‘fuchsia’?

    Oh stop it!…..not there you cad… no not there…..oh maybe there…hmmmmm….ahhhhhh……he wore tan shoes with pink shoelaces a polka dot vest and man oh man (yeah boyfriend) he wore tan shoes and pink shoelaces and a big ‘panama’ with a purple hat band!” – 1959 for you switchitters out there – talk about an anthem before its time!

  2. University’s with Weak football programs need attention like this, not the powers that have deep tradition. Wake me up when Oregon, Maryland, and any other schools with “Bozo the clown uniforms”, win a National Championship .

  3. What’s amusing is that the author of that post decided to call the Trojans by USC, whereas the other school laying claim to the same name was addressed by the abbreviation SCAR……

    • The SCAR helmet does indeed look like a real bad acne scar! All of these helmets are a joke. Arizona looks like its straight out of a comic book, Iowa State has a boxing rooster (?), Nebraska a piece of corn…..Oh my, all just awful. Why no bRUIN helmet? šŸ™‚

      • Yes, how were they spared this humiliation? They should have to suffer too.

        • It is only because they are soooo insignificant to begin with. NOBODY CARES!!

  4. Incredible Bullsh*t ! Check out the TREES on the Farms helmet……..

  5. That’s almost as bad as those Maryland helmets, just terrible. Why don’t they check out the guys who produced the Oregon helmets, I like them and I know the players love them. We need to be a leader on new designs.

    • Im my opinion. We don’t need to lead on any football fashions. We need to stick to tradition.

    • Let the wanna be teams have the lgbt design their uniforms. USC could come out in leather helmets from the 40’s and still look better than 98 percent of the uniforms out there.

  6. I will only accept this helmet if the players are allowed to wear flowers thru the helmet’s peep holds.

    Now that would give the opposition something to think about

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