Patrick Sandoval Drafted In 11th Round

Left-hander Patrick Sandoval of Mission Viejo, who pitched a two-hitter in the Southern Section Division II title game last weekend, was selected in the 11th round by the Houston Astros this morning.

USC junior pitcher Kyle Twomey was selected in the 13th round by the Chicago Cubs.

UPDATED: Pitcher Brent Wheatley was picked in the 17th round by the Oakland A’s; second baseman Dante Flores was taken in the 18th round by the Chicago White Sox; outfielder Bobby Stahel was taken in the 20th round by the Rockies and pitcher Kyle Davis in the 29th round by the Toronto Blue Jays.

10 thoughts on “Patrick Sandoval Drafted In 11th Round

  1. That’s TWO potential Houston Astros!…….thank goodness that “Silver-Tipped” Stu Nahan is no longer around to butcher their name …….

        • You don’t remember when Silver Tipped Stu mispronounced the Houston Astros and the reaction of the other newscasters?

          • Oh, that!… yes, of course… that’s what I was referencing in my original post…..not very well, apparently….

          • Negative…. they seem to have taken down all of these links from the internet…. and even if I DID have the link, I wouldn’t be able to post it! šŸ˜‰

          • Too bad. There used to be another site that featured all his radio sayings but it went inactive a couple of years ago.

          • Okay…… here you go…. it’s at the 1:53 mark of Jim Healy’s final broadcast on KMPC on April 28th, 1994…… but you’ll have to figure out how to make the link work……… tube[dot]com/watch?v=gT32ANsZWY4

  2. Cubs are my team although hope Twomey returns for senior year. He most likely can do better than 13th round in the next draft. 11th round for Sandoval not thrilling, depends on his priorities for school vs. low level minor leagues, and bus rides.

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