The Mystery Of The USC Athletes’ Cement Footprints Is Solved

MENS.STOREA reader has solved Sunday’s question about where Bill Sharman’s cement footprints were taken in 1950. Apparently, the Phelps-Terkel men’s store (above left) started putting famous USC figures footprints in cement on its sidewalk in the 1940’s and early 50’s. You might recognize the building because it is still on campus and part of academic services.

Brice Taylor, Frank Gifford and Jon Arnett were among those who also placed their footprints in cement. And this site,, has all the details and notes that three footprints were transferred to the new Tutor Campus Center, including the paws of the famed George Tirebiter, the greatest figure in USC lore.


10 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The USC Athletes’ Cement Footprints Is Solved

  1. Maybe stop trolling UCLA fans and come up with this information yourself…loser.

    • Come on Golly_Nerd, don’t be blue. Maybe this Saturday at the Florida SuperCon Comic Con convention your dreams will finally come true!

  2. It was later the admissions office and records building in the late 60’s early 70’s

        • I don’t know if it still exists, but it was sort of an optional “honors program” version of several core general education classes that freshmen usually take. For instance, instead of just Western Civ, the Thematic Option version of Western Civ would try to link the study of various works with a common theme (hence the name of the program).

          What it mostly came down to was, they expected more of the students in the program (some people jokingly called it “Traumatic Option” because of the heavier work load), but the classes were usually taught by the more charismatic professors, and the students in the classes were more enthusiastic about being there. The freshman composition classes were run through the program as well, for students in the program.

          When I was a freshman, there was a lot of overlap between the students in the T.O. program, the students living in the so-called “Dean’s Hall” dorms, and the students who had received academic scholarships.

          • I can’t believe I’m doing this, but i have to agree with Otis’ “Say what.”

  3. More stories like this please. Less attempts at humor regarding Sark’s house.

  4. Mr. Wolf I just found out UCLA signed the #2 kicker in the country to go with the #1 kicker. Stole him right out from under LSU’s nose in Cajun country.

    Freddy, my kicking shoe!

    FR….oh, there you are.

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