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  1. Being the center of attention on this blog for the last two days is punishment enough……..

    • Mora better let him go before Puffy asserts even more control of the lib media

  2. Are you kidding? In LA? The most ‘pc’ major city in the USA? If he did the race baiters led by Sharpton et. al. would descend and demand ‘justice’ for Puffy.

    • The LA Afro-American population don’t need Al Sharpton to fight their battles. Just ask some of the participants in the R. King racial protest.

      • The Rodney King beating took place in March 1991………the riots were in 1992….23 years ago…..if the protesters were in their 20’s or 30’s, that means they would be in their 40’s or 50’s……hopefully, they’ve wised up since then, but I doubt it…….

    • Don’t fib Mr. Globehead, you know you can’t get enough of UCLA news.

      • I’ll be the first to admit it, me and my Trojans are how do you guys say it? TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA.

        It makes sense doesn’t it? Who ISN’T Obsesses with someone who whips you in every real men’s sport??
        It eats us alive, if you want to know the truth.

        Freddy, where’s you get that stupid hunting Red hat???

  3. Just now (3:30 pm) on Max and Marcellus they had a guy on from TMZ who states Puff D. went into Aliosi’s office and forcefully demanded Ailosi get off the phone. Ailosi stated he’d have to wait – Puff D continued to demand and raise his voice louder. Ailosi then stated he’d speak to the son but not to him at which point Puff D. leaned in close acting as if Ailosi had touched him i.e. grounds for a response. Security called – as Puff D. leaves the office and enters the gym he then picks up the weight and that’s as far as the story went.

  4. Jim mora made a huge mistake by extending an olive branch to the combs family. I don’t know too much about the son, but the father is one of the biggest thugs out there. I’m surprised something like this didn’t happen sooner. P-Diddy has been getting into fights with people his entire life. He expects everyone to kiss the ground he walks on. Mora screwed up on that one.

  5. Of course not, because he’s worth a half of billion dollars, and please believe me, money will buy you anything.

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