Bring Back George!


And here is George Tirebiter Jr., circa 1952, the subject of that massive card stunt.

20 thoughts on “Bring Back George!

  1. I agree, rescue one from the pound and bring him to the games. LONG LIVE GEORGE TIREBITER

  2. wolfman, on behalf of UCLA,and the Cadre, and in the spirit of reconciliation and NERF, i want to offer an apology for an historic wrong. i am of course referring to the dog-napping of George Tirebaiter by UCLA operatives on Oct 30 1947, a day that will live in infamy.

    George was abducted, drugged and the letters UCLA were shaved into his hind quarters. he was then dropped off at the venerable LAT offices in a “doped and confused state” according to the Daily TrOXan newspaper.

    now THAT’S a picture i would LOVE to see wolfman!!! (purely for historical perspective).


    • Strangely enough, the letters UCLA were written in YOUR handwriting. ….By the way, you seem to be an expert on shaving hindquarters. … I take it that manscaping is a requirement in order to join the Cadre. ….

    • That line from Juan Carlos was almost worthy of Retired Bill, that old guy who used to pop up out of nowhere and let you have it with both barrels.

    • When did he cover USC as a beat writer ? He wrote his notes on a scorecard column starting in 1974. Steve Guiremand covered USC for the Herald for a long while, Mal Florence was the USC beat writer for the Times, Loel Schrader was the beat writer for the Press Telegram, was Bisheff the beat writer for the Register ? All of the above mentioned people are/were better than Wolf, but adding Malamud to that list is a reach, since I doubt he covered SC for long, if at all.

  3. Mascots, what is more impressive? A scruffy little mut, some pervy furries in bear suits or wait a minute! How about a warrior with a sword atop a majestic white steed! I may be on to something! Anybody help me out with my idea?

    • You’re right, pervy furries in dancing bear suits are way cooler and much more manly than a gangly nerd in a Roman skirt trying to make up for his deficiencies by prancing about on a horse with a fake sword.

      • I guess in your virtual reality, anime world bear costumes are cool. Yes girls think teddy bears are cute. A real live man on a real life snow white horse with a real sword is more impressive than any mascot in college sports!

        • The cultural allusion went over your head, GT. and, for the record, you post some good stuff sometimes.

  4. although the culprits were never positively identified, in the spirit of NERF (as stated) i apologized for this injustice on their behalf.

    Juan, in this country, we’ve learned that while some would sugar-coat history and try to forget the unfortunate things from our past, as the great American statesman, Donald Trump, once said: “those who IGNORE history are condemned to REPEAT it”.

    assuming you agree with aphorism, then you must agree that by ILLUMINATING this event, we may be saving a future pooch from this kind of humiliation.


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