• SoCal_Native_59

    So Scooters idea of updates from media days is printing other reporters tweets? Does the DN pay this guy?

  • Vladimir Putin

    What color shoes are the coaches wearing?

  • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

    Let’s see a picture of Scott, proving that he is actually in attendance… on second thought, never mind………

  • John Wooden

    Mr Wolf:
    In the picture of Mr Mora is he not wearing socks? I was reading the paper this morning and it mention he was the highest paid employee in the state so just wonder why he can’t afford socks?


    • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

      He wasn’t wearing underwear either….according to sources

    • gotroy22

      Do you wear socks when you wear your costume at the *c*o*m*i*c*c*o*n*S*?

  • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

    Interesting comment, Scott….

    “WR Desean Holmes, who originally committed to #USC last year, has not spoken to his San Diego State coaches in several weeks.”

    What do you suppose that this means?