Bryce Dixon On Way Back?

DIXON.REALA Los Angeles Superior Court judge took a step toward tight end Bryce Dixon returning to the football team by placing his expulsion from USC on hold. Here is what Steve Sarkisian said tonight:

“First and foremost, I can say nothing. This is in the university’s hands. We’ll see where we are with it tomorrow.

“All of our student athletes, I want what’s best for them. Whatever that means, that remains to be determined. But I want what’s best for them in every aspect of their life. As the university makes their decision, then we’ll make our decision. And then we’ll go with it.”

31 thoughts on “Bryce Dixon On Way Back?

  1. Like I said months ago, Scottie will be the last to know Dixon returns. Welcome back Bryce.

  2. Everything I have read and heard about the situation Dixon was the one who really got screwed.

    • Blame Obama. In 2011, the Obama Administration Department of Education assistant secretary for civil rights, Russlyn Ali, issued a directive warning colleges that failure to aggressively pursue sexual-assault offenders would be considered a Title IX violation punishable by loss of federal funds. As a result of this intervention by the DOE’s office of civil rights (OCR), there are conduct boards composed of English professors, librarians, and math majors across the country determining guilt instead of the allegations being handled by the criminal justice system. Dixon is one of many victims of this hysteria across the country.

        • Even worse. Imagine a university being threatened by the Obama Administration with the loss of millions of federal doillars. USC, like all the other universities across the nation, thought they had no choice but to toe the lib feminazi line, assume all men are rapists unless proven otherwise and show results to the Obama underlings who are Womyn’s Studies majors.

          • Klown U as a private Univ. has had great latitude to deal with on campus criminal chgs filed with the Klown U Police – as opposed to a public schools such as UCLA.

            In fact, until the Feds began to investigate Klown U, the KU police dept had complete and total discretion to investigate or not investigate a criminal complaint based on the whims of University and police administration.

    • How do you figure? When there is a young woman who says that Dixon literally screwed her without consent! She is saying that Dixon raped her!

      • Where did you read this? And, of all people, why isn’t Scott screaming about this, if what you’re saying is true?

        • Simple, nobody else has written about it yet, and when they do that will give Scott some material to cut and paste.

      • Ted:
        Maybe the fact that her boyfriend found out and she comes from a prominent white family who gives lots of money to University. One person from USC was judge & jury w/o witnesses or cross. Again this smells really bad and If I where Bryce I would be suing the university.


    • How do you figure? When there is a young woman who says that Dixon literally screwed her without consent! She is saying that Dixon raped her!

  3. Truly sad thing is that there is a young lady who has alleged that Dixon has sexually assaulted her but all of you are applauding Dixon as a returning hero even though his return is based on technicality and not on exhortation. Tells you all you need to know about the morality of southern cal and it’s fans… Pray that none of yours sisters, wives and mothers are ever sexually assaulted….

    • Mr Ted:
      Read the court docs that list the witnesses and how USC handle the situation and then comment. The back story on this smells so bad USC should be ashamed of the way they handle this.


      • Gee whiz Woody, Klown U is at it again. Maybe the NCAA will take further notice of Klown U’s crummy campus police reputation – their motto – we shred campus criminal complaints of food.

    • I would think the judge has access to all the facts, probably more than you do. If he is able to come up with something what do you know that he doesn’t? Or are you just sharing your humble opinion.

      • The judge ruled on the lack of due process not that Dixon is innocent of the charges. The evidence of the allegation was not litigated. Only thing that was presided over was the process southern cal used to expel Dixon. In other words, he is had a ‘stay’ of expulsion till appropriate due process is given the matter. Dixon by no means has been exonerated of the charge of sexual battery.

          • Of course he is! Southern Cal admins messed up…but the mentality of celebrating the return of a football player even when he is accused of rape by the head coach and fan base is disgusting.

          • The key word is ACCUSED…… let’s see how it plays out first……like with Jameis Winston over at FSU…….

          • People in the know and people I trust have said this was a huge miscarriage of justice. No more than a girl trying to save face many months after the fact. Really no winner in a real mess of a situation.

    • Did you ever consider the possibility that people could be rooting for the truth?
      That’s what I want to come out of this.

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