USC Receives Order From Judge In Bryce Dixon Case

USC has received the written order from Los Angeles Superior Court judge Richard H. O’Brien regarding his stay on tight end Bryce Dixon’s expulsion from the university, according to sources.

In a statement Wednesday, USC said it would carefully study the order before proceeding. This is the next step in Dixon’s quest to return to USC. The question now is how vigorously USC will fight the order and how long it will be before Dixon’s case gets resolved.

14 thoughts on “USC Receives Order From Judge In Bryce Dixon Case

      • Yeah – if you’re raising sons get ready for this idiocy. It’s what the progressive Obama morons down at the Sports Arena were yelling about with Sanders last weekend – all views are acceptable except those that don’t agree with us.

        Bluntly it’s no different than it was 50 – 60 – 70 years ago “…what we’re you doing in that man’s room at 11:00 at night young lady? What exactly did you think was going to happen there?”

        I’m waiting until some elitist has her or his son dragged before one of these ‘star chamber’ proceedings manned by the militant females and listen what they believe is fair – this is your future.

          • In this case it is. This persecution of men is going on all across the country and it will soon hit your university.

          • Well, if you’re going to be serious here, it’s been an issue far longer than Obama’s been president.

          • But in 2011 Obama’s underlings sent a letter to all the universities basically threatening them with loss of federal money if they didn’t comply with their new feminist dictates.

        • Was it the female or pressure from her wealthy donor father? Money has a way of prevailing.

          • Where you get the wealthy donor father is strange. What is your inference? If anything it is more like the nonsense of the Elizabeth Warren wing – i.e. pull the handle on the slot machine.

            Again good luck raising sons today.

          • It was brought up by an SC guy on this site last week, I believe. Something about the girl being friendly with a few football players and it getting back to her boyfriend and father about Dixon. According to the person that posted, the father is a big donor and he created a stink. I don’t know if those facts are accurate, but I do recall someone posting that.

          • Or the threat of loss of millions from that wealthy Obama Administration if they don’t follow the feminazi rules?

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