USC WR JuJu Smith-Schuster Says `Our Preparation Wasn’t Where We Want It To Be’

USC wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster offered some frank assessments after the Trojans lost to Stanford.

20 thoughts on “USC WR JuJu Smith-Schuster Says `Our Preparation Wasn’t Where We Want It To Be’

  1. JuJu reveals the juju: new KU excuse for losing. Is the good ship CC Sark sinking?

  2. Its as much the mental approach. I noticed, nearly every crucial 3rd down that a number of the USC defenders where jumping up and down and waving their hands like cheerleaders to get the crowd pumped up. Instead of mentally preparing for their assignments and senario of the coming play.

    I admired the business like approach of the Stanford kids on each play.

    • I seem to recall that last year Sarkisian asked some of the 3rd stringers/walk ons to jump up and down to convey excitement. (Can someone confirm?)

      I agree with your comment, though: the cheerleader/football hybrid seems wierd and distracting.

      • Word is it was borrOcho’s idea. Looked like all the walk-ons (scrawny white gueys) and some would even wave their towels around…a disgrace. I think O’Hadden finally told Sark to knock it off.


        • Wow. Did not know about the coaches actually giving them the towels.

          That’s sucks. In many ways, I admire the walk ins/3rd stringers more than the starters because they are asked to work just as hard as the starters but seldom get playing time.

          To reduce them to Pom Pom (towel) waving cheerleaders is a real slap in the face to these great players.

  3. This is player speak for, “Our coaches do not know what they are doing.” But don’t worry, Coach Spinkisian will tell everyone this week that’s its all just a work in progress.

    • One more thing, Sark talks about being the big bully on the block. A bully is someone who intentionally on a smaller person to make themselves feel better. The problem with this is when a bully comes up on someone who is the same size and strength, they usually get their rear ends kicked and they go crying home to mom, which is exactly what happened Saturday night.

      • Nicely said.

        KU 55 – Potato U 6

        Stanford 41 – KU 31 and Stanford kept KU’s ball.

  4. Not being prepared is on the coaches, but the coaches say the kids don’t execute, sounds like trouble is brewing to me.

  5. How can that be? Oh wait, everybody but the folks at SC know that Sark and crew are no good. How he suckered these kids into joining him is baffling.

  6. Uncle Wolfman why are the trogans fighting each other after the Stanford defeat, TMZ reporting a couple of players went at it and #CuttySark and a couple staff members had to break it up… .

    • I guarantee you it was offense vs defense….Jojo not only trashed his coach, but his entire Def squad!!

      Be careful trOXans, what kind of “leaders” you are creating here. Sounds more like a vessel full of sea-going SNITCHES!!


  7. Let him speak, Scottie – get a longer video format. You take the time to find the kid, ask him a good question, and you hamstring yourself with crappy Tout videos and their 1-minute limit.

  8. Our preparation…. ladies & gentlemen, that is all you need to know about the result of this game. Who thinks up-arranges-creates practices based on preparation? Bozos’ Sarkisian & Wilcox!

  9. Sark’s the head coach. But last time I heard Wilcox is in charge of the defense. That defense didn’t play any defense Saturday night.

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