• Ted

    Juju vs. Townsend…

    • Go Tama


  • FreeShabazz

    Here we go again!

  • SCgrad12

    It was confirmed on Conquest Chronicles…just the incident, no names. If it was JuJu and Townsend it makes sense. JuJu leaves his heart on the field every practice and game. Townsend looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane. The only reason SC offered him was his dad was a former Raider.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      I hereby nominate JuJu the new KU football HC.

      As in El Paso, there were no fisticuffs; It was just a loser’s dance in the mausoleum tunnel.

      • Juan Lopez

        Thanks Chirpy.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Tree’s 41 – KU 31. KU flunks competition 100.

      • sas

        Someone’s wallet was stolen, and Towensend blew up. He thought Juju was Ishmael Adams for a second in the dark tunnel. Juju totally understood.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          So in the end Mr. Townsend imitated Josh Shaw and thought JuJu was acting like Jr. Pomee. BTW, have you seen Dillon Baxter?

          • sas

            You went a long ways for that one.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            All the way to Vulcan.

    • sas

      Juju probably said something about the defense playing bad, and Townesend most likely started choking Juju. I would imagine.

  • JerryCurlanIsNice

    Don’t just report TMZ stories, Wolf – do your job as a journalist and get the story!

    • Go Tama

      Sua and Townsend went at it

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        What a bust. If you still have the energy to fight in the tunnel, you obviously didn’t play hard enough on the field.

    • B.Miller

      If TMZ had a sports section.. Wolf and his diva like stories would be primed to run it!

  • Juan Lopez

    I don’t condone violence, but for football, I say good!! Players have to hold themselves accountable.

  • Tanya Harding.

    It was the tall blonde cheerleader smacking Mr. Wolf upside the head.

  • sas

    If I had to make a wild guess I’d say it was Zach Banner and Sua Cravens. I’ve heard things have gotten heated on the practice field more than a couple times between them.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Banner has a physical handicap, he can’t block, so it wouldn’t be a fair fight.

    • Go Tama

      Sua and Townsend

  • marvienna

    Someone needs to smack around DC Wilcox for a little while.

    Go back the last stretch of games going into last year and his D has given up at least 30 points a game. Excluding the two minor league teams to start the year and the two games where we knocked the QB out of the game (ND and WSU) and it’s clear Wilcox is in over his head.

    Wilcox is a joke. He doesn’t deserve nor has he earned the right to be an assistant coach at USC.

    • Go Tama

      USC paid a million for him, Pat Haden strikes again !!!!!!!

    • Fred Sampson

      Justin Wilcox gained a reputation by riding the coattails of Chris Petersen’s success when he was the Boise State head coach, but he did nothing at Tennessee or Washington.

  • j metaphor

    Here we go again. SoCal is where recruits go from 5 stars to mush.
    If you are a High School recruit, why would you go to a school where this happens. Now you have a school that has had NCAA issues, has players fighting each other after games, and a coach that has apparently lost control of his team and is about two Cuervo Gold shots from being canned.
    Is this where you want to go?
    Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be Trojans.

  • Jack B

    I wish someone would get into an altercation with Skinny Pants. He’s worthless. Not a good sign that Sark thinks he’s his dream DC. Not good at all.

  • miguelito

    This fight is a good thing, it just means Sark is bringing in the tough/aggressive types needed to beat teams like Stanford and UCLA. Give Sark a few more years and he’ll have his team of bullies and dominate 24×7. Viva Sark!

    • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

      As long as Trojans are beating each other up in the tunnel, UCLA has nothing to worry about.

  • https://www.facebook.com/charles.bucket.3 Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, once the offense starts sniping at the defense, that is a sure sign the coach has lost control of the team…

    In fact, once things are this outta control my guess is the season is blown. And Jojo is a team leader???

    wolfman, can you IMAGINE Myles Jack openly criticizing the offense and Noel Mazzone to the press?? You think he’d. DARE try that with Mora around???


  • steveg

    Looks like USC is in trouble again, this time not being able to field a team that can’t keep up with the hype. We have to make it through the season with Sark, for better or worse. If Haden has to pick another HC, it will be another crappy, politically correct choice I am sure. Where is Gruden and how much does he want.

  • sas

    I don’t know. Juju has a very loud opinion. I’m sure he made a comment about the Defense and Mr. Townesend didn’t like it. But I don’t know the facts.

    • ProbationU

      I am not sure these guys understand what “Fight On!” actually means.

      • sas

        Could be over some pretty little female student and not losing?