USC Morning Buzz: Is This The Identity Of The Program?

USC.STANFORD.2015With three losses in 16 games to teams USC was a significant favorite against, is that going to become one of the trademarks of Steve Sarkisian era? Every loss is different but there seems to be a looseness that allows for these types of games.

Not loose as in too calm but loose as in undisciplined. Look at some of the penalties. A team captain commits two penalties? USC’s media guide keeps track of “significant upsets.’ Steve Sarkisian has three of those already. Pete Carroll did not get his first until 2003 (Cal) and suffered his third in 2006.

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Is This The Identity Of The Program?

  1. I really don’t agree with having Will Farrell as part of pre-game activities – every time he has every been involved, the team gets soft!


    • I agree 100%. That was a crock. Who’s next? Some other Hollywood jackwagon? Leading the team out of the tunnel should be reserved for the former great Trojan players. Not some wannabe.

    • Sark knows something you don’t: If you’re going to lose, lose funny. And don’t forget that SWS needs to start thinking NOW about his next gig, he may need friends in Hollywood.

  2. I think it’s unfair to call this the identity of the team. More appropriate to say the window-jumping, racist-calling, locker-room fighting, alcohol and med-mixing behavior is more indicative of the team’s true identity.

    • An exceedingly fair minded, nuanced, well balanced and sober assessment. It’s always a pleasure when someone takes the time to look at all sides of a complicated situation.
      (In case you’re wondering, I’m being ironic).

  3. Right now I do not feel good with Sarkisian & Wilcox leading the team in playing ND, Oregon, UCLA and Utah. In fact, I am sorry to say I see at least another Sarkisian 8 & 5 season coming our way. Could be 7 & 6 real easy…

    • Oregon could probably run circles around USC, and Utah will bully then up and down the field, because they are big and strong. Jim Mora will out coach Sarkisian as he did last season, but I’m not sure about Notre Dame, but they been looking pretty good.

  4. We can only hope that this was a let down/over confident laxity. To me it looked like a D Line that is weak and easily overpowered. Add to that, Marshall can’t cover elite receivers.

  5. Sark is just snake bit, he’s a really good coach and an excellent recruiter. If it weren’t for the sanctions SC would be able to go toe to toe with the likes of Stanford, Utah, UCLA

  6. Of course it’s the identity of the program, because football teams always take on the personality of their coach…Fact! Steve Sarkisian has a very soft personality,and he comes across like some goofy kid. Do you think he can field a dominating physical football team ? OF COURSE NOT!! Just listing to Sarkisian talk makes me laugh. And BTW….I don’t think Pat Haden wants a Mans Man running his football team, because he won’t be able to dictate anything !

    • Can you imagine Marcus Allen saying he was “satisfied” with a double digit loss? Could the words “work in progress” pass his lips? I remember him telling another losing Trojan team a couple of years ago, “At USC we play a special brand of football—-we kick your butt.”

      • As brite as Pat Haden is , I wonder why he can’t see through this fraud Steve Sarkisian . Haden had trouble seeing Lane Kiffin for who he was as a USC coach, and former Basketball coach Kevin O’Neill, also . Is he that naive ?

  7. One really hopes they don’t want to stay #19, gt22. One thing’s for sure –we won’t have to wait long to find out. Answers to this and so many other questions will be given out on ESPN this Saturday.

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