• USC Rah Rah’s Rule

    We would spit out our brie, Scott……

  • Sarknado

    Who exactly would be mad? The UCLA fans for going to the Holiday Bowl? I think most SC fans would be happy to go to the Rose Bowl and play Michigan State.

    • peter

      Traditional match up….I’d certain take it.. However his 4 teams in playoffs have not impressed me yet. Two have huge games Saturday.. Ohio State hasn’t played well, yet last year showed how they finish. TCU no D.Alabama well Saturday will tell a lot. Clemson/ND….again will be telling… The playoffs still are extremely up for grabs.

    • anno nimus

      dream on, with a 7-5 record, we will see you in Vegas!

  • Juan Lopez

    I would kiss Trai mex right on his forehead…..

  • Globehead

    Only the Wolfman could find a negative in going to the Rose Bowl!

  • Rick

    “Bowl guru Jerry Palm” is a Quack !

    Do people like this just dream this stuff up ?

    And who was/is the nut-job who came up with the Orange Bowl vs the Cotton Bowl for the playoffs ?

    Umm, the Top 2 Bowls are Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl, and have been like that for quite a while (Nothing against the Orange Bowl) !!

    You wanna bet that Mr. Palm”dale” is wrong on every prediction ???

    Bring back the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl and put the best 2 teams there, and give them “Bluebonnet” uniforms, and maybe some eyeliner to go with it, and then stick Mr. Palm”beach” there, dress and all ?!?

    How STUPID !

    Oh but great predictions…


  • Jack B

    I would be overjoyed. I’ll take it, on the spot. Back where we belong, the most dominant program in the history of the Rose Bowl by miles, back again. Book it. So be it. So let it be done. Thanks. Glad we’ve got that settled!

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      Right itchy, feed your Toejam delusions.

      Up 21 – 10 in the 2nd qtr., and KU snatches defeat at the hands of Stanford, from the jaws of victory.

      Face ii Itchy, creampuff Toejam FB can’t stand competition.

      CC Sark needs to schedule many more cupcakes.

  • Ricky

    Please. The only reason Dr. Jerry Punch or whatever his name is likes USC is because Myles Jacks got hurt. If the Bruins still had Jacks we’d win it all and everyone knows it.

    • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

      But, you don’t, so suck it up………..

    • peter

      Depth problems?

    • Jack B

      Typical little gutty claiming you’d win it all if you just had one of your hurt little gutties back on the field, even though ucla has never won a single football national championship since the 1/2 version back in ’54. Everyone knows you’ll choke like always – only this time you’ll always be blaming it on Jack. It’s so bruin of you.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Typical itchy “Those were the days,” Toejam projectile vomit.

      • Alvarado

        Jack was the one who was whining about all the expectations that poor UCLA had to carry last year in the locker room after the Stanford beat down. Bluntly UCLA has no unifying raison d’etre save their hatred of USC.

    • sas

      Get serious.

  • LamontRaymond

    We’d be angry, not mad.

  • Scott

    None of the rational ones

  • j metaphor

    Is he a real Guru or just a Palm Reader?

  • http://johnwolcottlaw.com john wolcott

    Football questions and predicitons at the 1/3 mark are about as useful as the following questions:

    Why would God prefer one religion over another?

    If you were God would you make a Hell for eternal punishment of so-called “bad” people

    If we die and then live in spirit form forever, what do we do with all that time?

    • Golden Trojan

      I agree JW, predicting bowl match ups on Oct 1 are useless. Now for your questions. God prefers the religion that He ordained, the only one that makes sense. God will do away with, not “bad” people, but those who are unrepentant of their mistakes/failures and choose not to have a relationship with Him. When our physical bodies die, believers will temporarily inhabit heaven till the 2nd coming. Then we will return to a new perfect earth.

      • grave soul

        oh, reeeeaaalllyyy???


    • cupcake

      As to the third question: there’s the travel day to the game hotel (either a great LA hotel or a great away game hotel – South Bend is a little “iffy” but a limo improves the options), dancing the night away the night before the game, the game day pool and spa routine, the great pre-game meal at a very fine restaurant, the Trojan Walk and little tailgating (home games) or being there when the players’ buses arrive at the away game stadium, the game (of course!), church the next morning (yes, church in heaven, can there be any doubt?) and finally the travel day home. The order of the activities may change a little based on the opponent and the home/away schedule, but six pairs of shoes and several great outfits should handle it nicely . Trolls are probably excluded from participating in the above due to a lack of SC (“spiritual credentials”). However I believe GOD will not exclude the trolls for one week each year.

      • Walt Hazzard

        I love it! My only suggestion would be Stay at 5 star hotel in Chicago like the Conrad and rent a Luxury SUV for the drive down to South Bend…. Heaven!!

      • http://johnwolcottlaw.com john wolcott

        Good one, cupcake

        You must be as sweet as your name

  • trojan92

    I’d Love it!!!

  • Fred Sampson

    Super Bowl guru Fred Sampson said the Chicago Bears are going to the Super Bowl. ..lol What’s the difference ? Who is that clown, Jerry Palm ? My Lab just said the Florida Marlins are going to the world series. LMAO!

  • Sportsblab Jones

    What?! This guy’s sniffin’ glue! He has Louisiana Tech vs. Bowling Green in the Bahamas Bowl???!!!!!!!

  • anno nimus

    How will that be possible with losses to Utah, Arizona, UCLA and Oregon?

    • http://johnwolcottlaw.com john wolcott

      Why do you come on an SC blog?– Oh, I know, because you hate SC’s heritage and football success.

      Can’t say as I blame you, SUCLA.