USC Earthquake Drill

USC employees had to duck-and-cover during a massive earthquake drill today. Maybe that’s what Steve Sarkisian did Sunday when nobody could find him at the McKay Center.

64 thoughts on “USC Earthquake Drill

      • So why don’t we all boycott those blog entries that are obviously tasteless? I realize that we might only be able to interact once or twice a year, but maybe it’s time to bite the bullet.

        Wolf is like Seattle weather for USC fans and I bet the suicide rate is higher here than any other blog.

  1. Wolfman, it’s time to admit that you have a problem with lame, Sark-hating jokes. It’s time for you to take some time and get yourself healthy. Don’t just say that you’re going to get some counseling and find out IF you have a problem. The problem is clear for all to see. I hope your editor does not “pull a Haden” and just hope that the problem goes away by itself. He needs to take you aside and drive you to a treatment facility himself, if that’s what it takes. We’re all pulling for you, Wolfman.

    (Psst — Anybody know if Gruden would like to run a blog?)

    • It’s amazing you show your face around here after your ridiculous comments you made before the Washington loss.

  2. You’re a jerk Scott! This sarkisian thing is no laughing matter anymore, even for Trojan haters.

  3. On College Football Today (4-letter), Joey Galloway said that SC has “no chance” against ND. Trevor Mattich agreed that SC won’t win.

    • I just do not get what the point is.. What would you expect from the diva of sports writing.. if its not controversial or drama free.. Wolf will find someway to turn it into a shameless attack

    • Since Wolf does not report anything about practice or the upcoming rivalry game:
      If anyone cares.. I heard USC Lost another WR Isaac Whitney to a broken Collarbone..
      Also heard that John Harbaugh is on a very short list for USC to contact.

  4. Here they come now Southern Cal rah rah’s saying Steve Sarkisian is no longer the coach and how Scott be moving on to talk about football… What a bunch of insensitive hypocrites!!

    • Here come the Trolls!! not a word about Stanford!! season effectively over tonight don’t miss it! must see tv

      • The Stanford Ucla game is tonight?? I assumed it was on Saturday…. The Dodgers have an elimination playoff game tonight in the ravine. TV programming has been screwed up all week and apparently I’m not going to see Ucla play until we play them. Anyway, hopefully Stanford opens up a can of Troll Begone tonight.

  5. Is this proof that Wolf really is Bucket, ThaiMex, etc? This is something those idiots would post. BTW, still nothing on the Notre Dame game.

    • I have something on the ND game! “The soft southern cal football team” gets it’s collective @rress kicked after embarrassing week of coach firing news.

    • You know I have always thought that Wolf is all the Bucket characters. No one in their right mind would spend that much time on a competitor’s blog 24/7 for what 10 years? No one is that pathetic and has so little going on in their life. But think about Wolf….he has a job writing about USC, does he have a family, kids, a life? All he has is this pitiful blog.

  6. Does anyone know if Scott Wolf has personal problems with Carrol, Kiffin AND Sarkisian or is he just going to hate on anyone who coaches USC? Again, honest question.

  7. Everyone knows Haden was lenient on Sark after Salute to Troy because the most important thing in sports is winning and Haden really thought that this team had a shot at something special. Regardless of Sarkisians transgressions, the potential of winning the PAC 12 and securing a playoff spot was what was most important. It was only when he saw the ship starting to sink under Sarks leadership that he canned him.

    In blogging, the most important thing is getting clicks. Undoubtedly, Wolf succeeds in that regard. Based on the amount of comments from fans and trolls alike, he obviously gets many repeated clicks on the same story. This is why his editor is willing to look past so many flaws: misspellings, misinformation, his obsession with the same subject (Kiffin, David Sills, uniforms, etc…) and his shameful treatment of anyone who gets in his crosshairs whether they be a USC student athlete, coach, or recruit. I’m willing to bet his editors encourage this kind of blogging.

    The hypocrisy of wolfs critique of the Sarkasian situation is that the main reason he himself has a job is because he is such an awful human being. Unlike Coach Helton, Wolf has no problem kicking a man when he’s down, but as long as the clicks keep coming Wolf can continue to be a TROLL in every sense of the word.

    • It’s not Wolf’s anti-Trojan snark that brings Bruins’ fans here, it’s the pure schadenfreude of watching self-aggrandizing misanthropes like Jack B devour themselves when the Trojans crash and burn.

  8. Why are you trying to lose readers? Especially since many of them were starting to look at you in a positive light, after being on point about Steve Sarkisians troubles. I don’t get the rachet joke .

    • It’s like the story about “The Frog and the Scorpion”, which goes something like this:

      Scorpion wants to cross a river, but he
      can’t swim. Goes to the frog, who can,
      and asks for a ride. Frog says, “If I
      give you a ride on my back, you’ll go and
      sting me.” Scorpion replies, “It would
      not be in my interest to sting you since
      as I’ll be on your back we both would
      drown.” Frog thinks about this logic for
      a while and accepts the deal. Takes the
      scorpion on his back. Braves the waters.
      Halfway over feels a burning spear in his
      side and realizes the scorpion has stung
      him after all. And as they both sink
      beneath the waves the frog cries out,
      “Why did you sting me, Mr. Scorpion, for
      now we both will drown?” Scorpion
      replies, “I can’t help it, it’s in my

      It’s in Scott’s nature to behave this way…..

  9. That’s a little too snarky, IMO. I can see why Wolf is beloved on the SC campus. Frankly, the “other” Steve at the “other” SC is the one that really quit on his team.

    • What makes you think he gets paid?……Have you seen his tab at Five Guys lately?

  10. I guess this blog’s posts don’t come under the same scrutiny as its comments:

    “We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. Although we do not pre-screen comments, we reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us, and to disclose any information necessary to satisfy the law, regulation, or government request. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions.”

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