Discuss The USC-Utah Game

I saw this result coming as I posted my score prediction earlier today. Utah is not Notre Dame. Now moving forward: Are people going to want Clay Helton to get the job? Did Kyle Whittingham hurt his chances with this game?

I’ll just mention when Pat Haden hired a basketball coach, he watched NCAA Tournament games on a held-held TV during a track meet. And who did he hire? NCAA darling Andy Enfield. So maybe this did affect Whittingham’s chances.

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  1. Hopefully, Haden will extend the offer to Helton tomorrow. Rose Bowl here we come yet this year!

  2. This was the USC team that it was supposed to be tonight. Cameron Smith is a beast! 3 interceptions!

  3. We’re not tough or physical enough to win against good teams blah blah blah. Cal is up next…

    • You were cleaning SCFag12’s shoes before this game because of all of his “insights” – you guys still want Whittingham? Dont answer that, you guys are done!

      • I never mentioned Wittingham in any of my post. I’d ask you what you’re talking about, but clearly you don’t know. I mentioned Gruden and I’m not into Wittingham. Get your stuff together screwball.

      • Yolo, throttle back a little. No sense making any more enemies than you now have. Every coach gets beat. Wittingham is that good that he could do some great stuff at USC. Seems you are looking like the donkey here.

        • Donkey BBQ!…Donkey BBQ!
          Assumption being that means everyone gets a piece of a**.

      • Hey YoYo, were you the one who threw up all over himself in the middle of the second quarter? People, you should’ve seen it. There was fat, slovenly, oaf wearing a USC jersey, and all of a sudden, a entire row of people were scattering. I looked back and oaf was spewing beans, rice, and tortilla all over himself. Someone gave him some water and some paper towels to clean himself up, but it was still disgusting. Security got YoYo out of there before he could do any more damage, but most of the row was still evacuated.

        • “People you should have seen it” he says, then goes on slandering fat people – I already know what you look like, and it’s no wonder you have still not been on a date with a female. It’s ok, just admit your love affair with Whittingham was thrown right in your troll face tonight and all is good 🙂

          • Slander? Do you even know what slander is? If I offended your delicate sensitivities towards those who are callorically challenged, such as yourself, then I sincerely apologize. I was simply commenting on the incident that occurred near our seats. Looks like I struck a nerve. In regards to Coach Whittingham, he is a damn good coach who do wonders here at USC, unlike the two frat boys who were in charge before. Have a beautiful Sunday. Fight On!

          • Your false story of tortillas and beans was slanderous toward fat people – good day to you. Helton for Head Coach

      • Tonight was a beauty of a game. Great game plan, playcalling and execution. Still too porous on Defense though.

          • With all the season-ending injuries, we can now officially drop “makeshift.” They ARE our offensive line. Let’s say a prayer they all stay healthy.

          • They tried to run a middle screen, but it was their first time ever doing it and it bombed. Why wouldn’t you want to get Ronald Jones the ball behind the D line and a screen?

          • That’s just it. Our OL isn’t supposed to be able to just stand there and win every battle one on one. We need to be able to rely on TE and FBs and Half Back blocking. We need to be able to utilize screens and rolling the QB to keep the pass rush off balance. We need to double team and use blocking schemes that and runs that play to our best linemen. That happened to some degree today.

            If I see people simply think that the OL are the only people responsible for blocking/protection schemes and keeping the opposing rush at bay I’m going to scream! SC fans aren’t like UGLY fans, we are supposed to know and care about these things.

    • Glad to see that lame argument put to rest. But we definitely need a coach and some time to really do what we can with our running game. We rediscovered the FB and TE and running the ball and passing it to all of them. More please.

      • Thank god we don’t have to hear that BS this week. We’re developing and settling in and you could see it last week. I think Utah loses to Arizona and/or Ucla. Utah isn’t the 3rd best team in the country.

        • I’m really curious to see what they’re going to do. Whittingham can coach but this conference is star studded with coaches these days, and I don’t think Utah has the talent depth to be top 3. I think they can beat any team in the country healthy playing their game but that’s some “ifs”.

          • I just see specific match up problems for them against Arizona and Ucla. If Wilson can’t get it together they could fall out of the race.

  4. I hate to say it, but all those lame wannabe SC fans that were crying for Whittingham to be the next head coach of SC now look like the donkeys that they are!


    • I wonder what Wittingham could do with the caliber of players the Trojans have. He is a solid coach. USC played approaching their potential. I disagree with you about Wittingham. There are still 5 games left, time will tell.

      • He just got BEAT badly – what is there to disagree about? He would be booed out of the coli with that performance!

        • Steve g right on one aspect. Utah talent level is pretty inferior to USCs. Not many 4 or 5 star recruits at Utah

        • No, no he wouldn’t. Whittingham didn’t lose that game, the incredible talent disparity lost that game for him. Whittingham was right, SC is the most talented team in the conference if not the country. Whittingham’s QB got spooked and SC talent took over, there was nothing wrong with his coaching at all. He’s the one who is 6-1 with talent that would be 3rd string at SC in many positions.

          • But that’s true of most the rest of the Pac 12. We out-recruit Stanford and UW every year yet we lost to both.

          • Where does that leave us? If we have talent like crazy, there has to be a reason we lost those two games. My feeling is that the players are very talented, but several are relying on talent and not on discipline and fundamentals. That reflects their coaching I think.

        • You make a hire based on one game? You and Haden make a great pair. Remember Helton is at this point 1-1. Did he get booed out of the stadium for losing to ND? Your logic is very biased. Are you Helton’s agent?

  5. Cameron Smith set an example for the rest of the team. He plays with intelligence and discipline, is where he was supposed to be on each play and it produced winning results. Now if that would rub off on the other players we could build a NC caliber team. Great job by a freshman who wasn’t the top pick by all the smart recruiting ratings.

  6. Hmm! What would happen if Whittingham got the job over Helton at the end of the year after tonight?

    • Not gonna happen – Helton gets the job keeps staff intact except Connelly and maybe Wilcox

      • You have a good chance of being wrong. We still have to finish the season and the ucla game weights heavily on the decision. Hang loose with your provocative prognostications.

          • Except that Helton seems a lot brighter and more polished to me than Ed O. However, I believe SC is in the mood for a much bigger name. I don’t see the donors settling for Clay Helton unless he finds a way to win out, knock that door down and give them no other choice.

          • That’s what I’m saying. Each man has some real positives but I don’t think the powers-that-be perceived either as the permannant guy. Both men seemed like the natural choice for the interim job.
            Each one pretty much had to run the table to get the job. Coach O almost did that.
            Still a lot of games to coach go for Helton.

          • Seems to me that if I am a big donor at SC with influence, Clay Helton’s name doesn’t generate much excitement. No offense to Clay, but I have my eyes on bigger fish.

            One knock on Whittingham has been revolving OC’s over the years. They have always been good on D but inconsistent on offense.

          • I think the assistant coaches will be just as important as the head guy next year. If Whittingham is the guy next year, having a top flight OC is critical.
            That was the format at the height of the Carroll era. Too many yes-men at the end and two of them got a chance to be head coach.

          • UCLA had an interim basketball coach take the team to the Elite 8. His name was Steve Lavin. Do you think he was a wise choice for permanent HC?

            Emotionally, it seemed the right choice. It set the program back years. It’s a business decision. It should be treated as such.

          • As a USC fan I liked the Lavin decision. I also liked it when he did just enough each year to keep the job.

          • Isn’t the term “recovering” SC fan when it comes to basketball? Lavin hit just enough Sweet 16s. The point is, does SC want to go permanently with an interim or hire a more accomplished coach? There are only a few sure things and they are at Alabama, Ohio State and Michigan.

          • It hasn’t been easy or very rewarding but I have followed the hoops team for some time. Very few bright spots there.
            I’m in agreement with you on Helton. Having lost the ND game already, I think he has to run the table and win the PAC12 to even get serious consideration. A lot has to go right for that to happen.

          • I can respect that. Growing up, I can’t tell you how many friends would say they were SC football fans and UCLA basketball fans. Pick a school. Stick with it. No bandwagon fans. Take the good with the bad.

        • What is provocative about projecting that the “new” head coach is actually the current one? These are kids we are talking about, and they have parents which these coaches have bonded with – that alone is worth preserving, throw in with a coach that can manage some big wins then there you go, search is over

      • I love my fellow Trojans, but did you actually posit that Wilcox could or should be around next year? Come on bruh. I know you’re playing. lool

  7. Scott having a hard time trying to throw a turd on this great win. Wolf will not sleep well tonight. Defense really came to play

    • Cameron Smith reminded me of Adrian Young’s 4 picks vs the Irish. Smith is like a big Groots and I love how he handles himself both on and off the field.

      • Cameron
        Is he a great young LB or fine young WR 3 catches 122 yards.1 TD ? He has improved every day since spring ball.He has been one of the few physical players last 2-3 games. What a statement Vainuku made with that hit on the onside kick.That is USC football. !!! For today , its a great win.Beginning tomorrow its Cal week, its about the players character, pride and growing into USC football tradition.One game at a time.True coaching conversation is 5 games away

        • Vainuku is still one of ‘da men’. Problem was, our previous coaches had not been aware of his presence on the roster other than special teams. Fullbacks? We ain’t got no stinkin’ fullbacks.
          For next season, I would think it might be well advised that Smith have his number “3” replaced with a “5”.

      • Love how this post was deleted. Scott has some thin skin and can’t take people using the same methods he uses in calling him out.

        • Trolls like you can’t follow the rules. The rest of us want to discuss USC and college football.

  8. I will be taking apologies in the form of free beers from anyone who disputed the need for more running, more fullback, more TE and someone taking the D out of the sole hands of that nincompoop Wilcox. ;-p I am also looking forward to the explanation of those people who keep saying that despite all those top classes we don’t have talent, instead of blaming the coaches. Fight on!

  9. My guess is Helton will be the head coach at Memphis next uear after Fuentes gets a bigger job.

      • There are several classy Bruins, Steve. Now UCLA has to win out and SC has to win out for the game to matter. It all sounds nice, but I am not sure I trust either team to perform with the consistency to make that happen.

          • The only reason USC fans don’t like Ucla is because we have to deal with their obnoxious fans. Most of us don’t hate Ucla, but any measure of success they have brings out the worst in their fans.

          • A gross generalization, IMO. I have seen it from SC fans as well. The difference is that I recognize that they are a vocal minority and not a reflection of all SC fans.

          • I think it’s safe to say most Ucla fans hate USC. They revel too much in our misfortune to think otherwise.

          • I don’t have the luxury to be a vocal hater. Like many SoCal families, mine has loyalties on both sides. My wife’s entire family are SC alums, except for her ( her dad, brother, grandfather, three cousins, etc all graduated SC), and my oldest sis is married to an SC alum. We have a hearty, healthy intra-family rivalry that is strong, but we keep it respectful. Life’s too short to do otherwise. I was actually rooting for the Trojans tonight–mostly because your beating Utah helps the Bruins chances in the P12S!

          • It’s totally true. USC hates Ucla because we have to deal with their fans. Ucla hates USC because they have to deal with our accomplishments. Ucla football has always needed to “get a life”. All this is evidenced by the fact so many Ucla fans come here. Our program is more interesting even to Ucla fans.

          • Then what are you doing here? Of course, success in football doesn’t happen much at Thug U.

          • You’re judging them with our standard of success and not theirs. Beating us 3 years in a row is definitely their idea of success. They think it happened in a vacuum and the fact the wins coincided with sanctions is just a coincidence. All jabs aside, Ucla is a chronically underachieving program and they all know that.

          • You know, CR, you’ve been predicting this rise from the ashes for the last two weeks. Somehow you saw it coming when most of the rest of us were getting pretty cynical. It’s easy to talk big after the results are in, but you kept the faith all along. Tip of the hat to you!

          • I would advise you to hold off on planning the victory parade. The fact remains this team lost to a terrible UW team at home after destroying then Top 25 ASU on the road . Can we sustain a high level of play more than one week under Helton? All Trojans hope so but the jury is still out on that.

          • That was a different team, Marv. This team is reborn and ready to claim it’s birthright as Trojans. We’re back.

          • I appreciate that, MG. The pieces are all there and you just needed some competent leadership. Nobody talks about the disservice that has been done to the players by bringing in unfit head coaches. Hopefully that’s over now.

            We can’t relax and get comfortable though and it’ll be Helton’s job to keep the team focused. Just let it be known that the torch is lit at the Coliseum and Troy is on the march again.

            Way to hang in there as others were bailing MG.

          • We’ve seen USC teams go on surprising streaks before, Clay —with all the crap that’s transpired, running the table would be extra sweet this year. Even though their record wouldn’t be comparable, this team would deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the great teams of Troy’s recent past if they could pull that off.

          • We’ve been witness to magical runs that have made for mythical seasons. We recognize those sparks that we’ve seen grow into flames and become infernos. This is starting to look familiar to me.

            If we can win out (which could potentially mean a Rose Bowl win) we’d probably talk about them as being one of the great teams in the recent past. Certainly we would have to talk about them as being one of the great stories of all time. Another must-read chapter in the annals of college football history. Another Trojan tale that adds to the lore of USC. Another Hollywood ending for the most glamorous program in all of college football. Even when it’s bad, it’s good to be a fan of the program of record in Los Angeles and the western United States. Cal is up next…

          • Yes on all counts, Clay [and writing like yours must really make the day for all the haters who like to call this home].

        • You will have you hands full with Washington State. They have been impressive in their 3 game Pac 12 winning streak and their win yesterday in Tucson.

          • Is that who you see us playing in the Championship game? Not Stanford? [We don’t play Washington State in the regular season].

          • I was talking to the f uclan. f ucla plays Washington State their last home game. I think the Indians are the only Top 10 team in the conference, quite a disappointment after all the preseason prognostications. So yes I see the Indians in the Pac 12 Championship game representing the North.

          • The Pac 12 South is very average and we have the most talent. Coaching was the only thing holding us back. Helton looks like the answer if he can coach like that the rest of the season. I think Utah implodes after this humiliating beat down. Who do you see repping the Pac 12 South?

          • I am not Mr. G but methinks that implosion will not occur. They are coached too well. Do you think that the Fruins have a shot up there, in that rarefied atmosphere? …In the RB they would, but not when your team has difficulty breathing.

          • ***You will have you hands full with Washington State.***
            Yeah, right!
            I had no idea that you were one of Sark’s drinkin’ buddies.

        • It doesn’t have to decide the south for me. You guys are better when we have something to lose than when you have something to gain. You’ll play better against us if it means nothing but beating us.

          • You’d have to say more than that. Nothing motivates Ucla like beating USC. Nothing. If you don’t know that you must be new to college football in Los Angeles.

          • You are incorrect! It is not a stupid statement. However, as soon as I figure it out, I will be happy to clarify for you

          • Not sure what you mean here, Clay but perhaps you refer to the fact that in your last 3 beatdowns we didn’t need to beat you to go to the Pac 12 championship. I’ll have to go back and check.

          • You needed to beat Stanford for any real accomplishment and you weren’t motivated enough to do it. Let’s be honest about this year though… You guys don’t want to win the south anyway. You know you’ve said “uncle” to Stanford and winning the south would just mean another Stanford OR Oregon beatdown. You won’t admit it, but you all know it’s true. Look, just beat Utah and then step out of the way so we can show you guys how to win a conference title. You’ve had your chance to piss now get off the pot.

          • Do you think f ucla lost to the Indians because they weren’t motivated enough/? The Indians are the best of a very average Pac 12 conference.

          • I think they beat us because they are EXTREMELY motivated to beat us. If they kept that same level of motivation throughout the year, they’d have won something substantial by now. Their whole problem against Stanford (besides the psychological problem they have now) is that they try to beat them at their own game. It’s hard to win a brawl with Stanford, but stubborn and “tough” coaches will be stubborn and “tough”.

          • INDIANS!!!
            Now that’s more like it. That I understand.
            Still am a bit vague on the ‘tree’ thing…kind of understand the bird thing, or stealing half of our school colors. Isn’t being politically correct wonderful? …not.

  10. I love Helton, love Whittingham. But I’m not going to toss out Whittingham’s record because he lost to a more talented SC when his QB was spooked. Using that logic I would hire Whittingham over Saban for beating Saban and Alabama (with MWC talent no less). Come on people.

      • Anybody with any since agrees Clay. I still maintain that we have 4 more months to debate this h garbage. If Bill Parcells showed interested there would still be complaints.

        • I would say the beatdown in Eugene is a signature win for him. I’m not going to bash Wittingham, but he’s built a team that will struggle to come back if/when they get behind. I wouldn’t want USC to be built like that. The thing is that you get better building blocks in L.A than you do in Salt Lake City so it’s hard to judge what his performance would be here. I honestly want a coach with some NFL exposure as the “NFL U” label is a desirable one to me.

          • But Washington State also beat Oregon this season. The Ducks are as bad as f ucla and ASU. i’m with you, I want an NFL pettigree for our next head coach, not some flavor of the week college coach.

          • No they aren’t. I mentioned a few weeks ago that that QB would help them once his finger healed. That’s exactly what has happened. I’m as worried about the Oregon game as I am any remaining game on the schedule. Reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.

          • I don’t know about that. They weren’t doing great before he was injured. I think we put 50 on that weak Duck defense

    • As I watched the game last night it struck me- what exactly has Whittingham ever accomplished? His teams seem to peak midseason and then fade when it matters. If he is so great why hasn’t he ever won the Pac 12 South? Even perpetual underachiever f ucla has done that.

    • ***I love Helton, love Whittingham.***
      We understand. Suggest a possible 3-way. Our lips are sealed. Nobody reads this site anyway.

  11. Clay did a good job tonight, yes room for improvement , but a big step in the right direction Fight On

    • Our injured OL is still a major concern to me, especially when the bruins roll into town. None of our other future opponents seem that physical.

      But I thought our DL looked much improved. Overall just a great win for a slumping team that really needed it. USC looked like it had some fun out there for a change. Cameron Smith could really emerge as a great team leader based on how he handles himself and the way players respond to him.

      • Your 3rd string center did a nice job. I don’t think either team is consistent enough to get the job done, but we will see.

        • You might be right —but at least we have an excuse for the first half of the season (named Sark).

          • Don’t you remember? Somebody here said Sark was calling in plays from the rehab center. While there is absolutely no proof of that, mightn’t this be one of those cases where we are forced to apply the ‘res ipsa loquitur’ rule? [i.e., ‘the play calling speaks for itself’].

          • MG?
            Back in the day I had 2 of them…a ‘TD’ (my favorite) and an ‘A’ coupe. Fun cars during my misspent youth.
            I 2 can occasionally wander off topic as did a previous poster.

          • Only those who have wandered this blog for a few years can appreciate how funny this remark is, Larry.

      • Interesting storyline here is that Helton out-coached Wittingham. Unlike previous SC games I’ve watched this year, there was smart play calling and a knack for getting the ball into the playmakers’ hands, including Jackson, Juju, Davis, etc. SC beat Utah in the trenches. That surprised me.

      • What is your opinion of Utah’s performance last night and Whittingham as a candidate to be the next head coach at the University of Southern California?

        • I think Utah was simply overwhelmed by the repeated brutal mistakes of its QB and the playmaking ability of Ju Ju, Robert, Justin and the incredible performance Cameron. USC also had a terrific game plan designed to stop the run and our DL came through. Because Utah’s QB went into a coma, it was perfect.

          I think Whittingham would be very good as the permanent USC coach and I hope he is still considered. Silly to make any rash judgments based on one game that was ripe for the outcome us USC fans have been waiting to see for so long.

    • I’m ecstatic just to see there’s a glimmer of hope. A few turnovers does wonders like that ASU game.

  12. Small difference, Scott. …we didn’t get to test drive Enfield for half a season. ..

  13. Helton righted the ship, everybody settled down and played a great game. Great to see a team pull themselves together. On to the next game. Cal is winnable, heck the next 3 games are winnable. The next Head Coach is a long ways off. Let the season play out.

          • Based on season to date. USC totally destroyed ASU and UCLA got blasted off the field by ASU (at home). USC competed with and lead at times vs. Stanford. UCLA got blasted off the field in a dominating and embarrassing blowout loss (their 8th straight to Stanford). So based on that.

  14. Ouch! Pat Haden stories make that guy look like the biggest joke this side of Westwood. (Was overdue on a UCLA jab.) If it were just Scott saying them it would be one thing, but the media and everyone else not in the big office in Bovard seem to agree. Aw Pat…

  15. Well I enjoyed everything except the ride home. I think Helton out coached his counterpart across the grass. He made cool decisions and somehow managed to cobble together an offensive line then played to their strengths. I really think the 3rd string center was better than the 2nd string center.
    I’m a glass half full guy. I like the talent for the future.

    • USC doubled their best DL re-injuring him. And then we ran to our strengths.

      SC had gotten some crazy idea that every SC OL is supposed to beat every opposing DL. We also got into the idea that we didn’t need RBs and Fullback lead blockers and TE blocking. And we begin to think that the QB should always be in the shotgun and that running the ball meant that you get 6 yards a clip each time or there is no reason to run. And we thought every pass play should be long-developing while the QB sat there each down untouched for 5 seconds.

      The fact the defense was on the field for a short time because we ran the ball covered for the defense, and meant the defense could gamble more with pressure.

      All of those stupid Sarkiffian, reinvent football ideas have been show to be stupid and thrown out the window.

      Clay didn’t perform a feat of football coaching. He just coached like an adult. He also helped straighten out the defense and sent more pressure, like everyone in the world but Wilcox and our opponents wanted USC to do.

    • All Hail Helton! For exactly what you said – he put the kids in a postion to win, even in the face of adversity – that’s the face of a winner, and the search should be over on Monday – no sense in waiting, hold together the Family and call Helton Head Coach NOW

  16. USC doubled their best DL re-injuring him. And then we ran to our strengths.

    SC had gotten some crazy idea that every SC OL is supposed to beat every opposing DL. We also got into the idea that we didn’t need RBs and Fullback lead blockers and TE blocking. And we begin to think that the QB should always be in the shotgun and that running the ball meant that you get 6 yards a clip each time or there is no reason to run. And we thought every pass play should be long-developing while the QB sat there each down untouched for 5 seconds.

    The fact the defense was on the field for a short time because we ran the ball covered for the defense, and meant the defense could gamble more with pressure.

    All of those stupid Sarkiffian, reinvent football ideas have been show to be stupid and thrown out the window. Fight on.

    Clay didn’t perform a feat of football coaching. He just coached like an adult. He also helped straighten out the defense and sent more pressure, like everyone in the world but Wilcox and our opponents wanted USC to do.

    • As you say he may have coached like an adult, but he made a lot of adjustments. Big time coaching this game

    • If he can coach like that the rest of the season we run the table and will get the rematch with the Indians.

        • You know what, steveg? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Wilcox could keep his side of the ball playing as opportunistically as they did on Saturday, I’d have no problem with seeing him stay. He still needs to earn his stripes against Cal, Arizona, Oregon and UCLA, though.

  17. Nice to see a coach on the sidelines not jumping up and down like a buffoon. And nice seeing the defense play with heart.

  18. Suddenly–again–USC and UCLA are the hot teams in the Pac 12 South. Would love to see the Nov game in the Coli decide the division champ. Gritty win for the Trojans behind the third string center and a patchwork OL that beat Utah in the trenches.

    • Hold on a minute, EB!! Love the enthusiasm but neither team has shown me the consistency that would have me hop on that bandwagon just now. When I looked at SC tonight, I had to wonder how they would ever lose to Washington and when I saw the Bruins on Thursday night, I wondered how we would ever lose to ASU. Stanford is understandable, but ASU and Washington are not.

      • True regarding consistency. However, both teams–the Bruins and Trojans–just played their most complete games of the season on both sides of the ball. If UCLA continues to play smart, tight football, the way we did against Cal, our next three games are quite winnable (Colorado, OSU, WSU), going into the Utah and SC games. And SC has Cal, AZ, and CO before facing Oregon. With SC’s “upset” of Utah, it throws the whole mad South into a horse race again. You just gotta love P12 football…

  19. Saw this coming?! wolf you are ridiculous. You had SC winning, but barely and not covering. I wouldn’t exactly call you clairvoyant.

  20. Great win over an undefeated foe UT – Keyshawn Johnson asked the team to shock the nation a week ago Wednesday prior to the Notre Dame game – this victory came a week late but it did shock the nation and it confirmed to all the naysayers USC is always a force to reckon with even with an interim coach for the 2nd time in 3 years.

    GA Tech imploded FL St. in a remarkable copy of the AL Auburn game back in 2013, these are the two games that will be discussed on Monday sports radio.

  21. Hopefully, much like the Arizona win in Pete’s first season, this team can use this game as a springboard to bigger and better things. Very satisfying win.

  22. That offensive line came to play, and that’s been their issue for weeks. I’m looking forward to the Cal game, but the Trojans defense better show up, because the Golden Bears can score points.

    • f ucla exposed Cal. The Pac 12 was so overrated in the preseason polls. Any team can beat the other. The SC team that showed up last night could beat the Indians.

  23. It was all Cameron Smith with his play on defense. It didn’t mean anything at the end, but after the 3rd int. offense had no idea what to do with the ball. Interesting that with scholarships to give USC can’t recruit punters and kickers above mediocrity.

  24. Thank you, SoCal! We appreciate your help with those pesky Utah Utes. Thanks for sweeping off the driveway for our Pac 12 South winning road trip.

  25. Much credit to Helton and Wilcox. Helton made adjustments on offense and Wilcox stayed aggressive on defense. We played great on both sides of the ball vs a ranked team. I hope the staff and team builds on this for the rest of the season. Now, lets beat Cal!

    • Agreed. Helton is pretty damn impressive… and, at least until this Saturday, I take back everything I’ve said about Wilcox (and while I’m at it, both of the line coaches). Credit where credit is due.

      • I dissed Clay last week and I have been ripping Wilcox the entire season, but they both get props for this weekends victory. Honorable mentions go to C. Smith and K. Rodgers. Both of them made big impressions on me. Now I know why Smith is a starter, and Khalil, I have been waiting for him to see action, and boy he didn’t disappoint.

        • You want to know what is weird? And there is no way of telling yet whether this was a fluke or not—but Khaliel Rodgers gave us the best play at center I’ve seen all year. Damien Mama played his heart out too. The guys that finished that game for us played hungry. We owe them our loyalty for the rest of the season. They just might pull USC’s fat out of the fire.

  26. What happened to Deontay Burnett? Did he even play tonight? He looked so good against ND and he has looked good since he started coming to practice. I thought that we would see more of him tonight.

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