Links: Our USC vs Utah coverage in one place

USC LB Cameron Smith runs back an interception in the 4th quarter during Trojans' 42-24 win against Utah. (Photo by John McCoy/LA Daily News)

USC LB Cameron Smith runs back an interception in the 4th quarter during Trojans’ 42-24 win against Utah. (Photo by John McCoy/LA Daily News)

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10 thoughts on “Links: Our USC vs Utah coverage in one place

  1. Yeah, well I don’t know what this is, but let me mention to all the nobody jabronies out there, USC is 2-0 in the Pac-12 south and that is all that really matters in the end. They can beat Stanford easily on the Farm or in the Colly, and take that Obama Rose Bowl home where it belongs. All that’s left is a win over CU and UA and then the division is ours. Big whoop. They can even lose to Oregon if they really really want to.

    • Your underpants must be pulled too tight up your rear end. All games in the conference count not just a team’s division.
      The Trojans have two losses same as ucla and Cal. Utah must lose another game while USC runs the table to capture the South title. Does the NFL count only games in the team’s division or all sixteen of them. Think about it.

      • Utah will lose again, obviously, and the other teams in the P-12 South stink, so SC can go over with losses to these North teams. Cal next week and Oregon down the line, doesn’t SC play a disproportianate amount of North schools?… like all of them?

        • Last thing I was told is that the Beave’s and Wazzo are North schools. For some silly reason, their names have been omitted from our current schedule. Perhaps they do it with mirrors.

          • Oregon St. and Wazzo? They are in the same conference? No wonder they call us the Pathetic 12. Is Colorado still in this conference too? Thank god Stuart Scott, the president of the conference pays ESPN good money to act like this conference isn’t a total steaming pile of manure, or else we might see Clemson or TCU go to the CFB playoff instead of the 3-loss champion of the P-12.

          • It’s a reply to yours, am I suppose to tie this fourth post to the first one? If so, USC is still in the drivers seat on the Pac-12 South. They aren’t guaranteed wins against anyone, but if they win out, they’ll play Stanford in the conference championship, and win.

      • Will attempt to skirt the 1984 advocate by the substitution of the (*) in the appropriate places.

        Wedgies are known to cause brain flatul*nce, so be understanding of those who run their mouth before attempting to engage the cerebral cortex.
        However, Mr. Pants actually nailed it…with the possible exception of:
        -The Tree might just be a tad tougher to defeat than
        -I doubt the team REALLY REALLY wants to lose to Oregon.
        -I wasn’t aware that F*cla already mailed in a loss to us.
        Reality, art thou in limbo.

        Is one to believe that Mr. Pants is on our side? If so, give me the old fashioned Troll, anytime.

  2. I’m holding on oh great moderator in the sky.
    Pray tell what might have been offensive…”Wedgies”, “flatul**ce”, “cerebral cortex”, “Fuc*a”, or “limbo”???.
    Just say the word and I will gladly disavow.

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