52 thoughts on “USC Cartoon Of The Day

      • So do you deny that Scott’s constant copy-and-pasting of other people’s WORK makes his job easier?… please don’t tell us that you’re THAT delusional?

        • Rarely will I kick the shovel from another laborer’s hands.

          I alway know what Wolf means, which is important, and he has a legion of Rah-Rah’s such as yourself, responding good or bad to his many threads.

          Seem like he’s doing his job. Can’t say that about you Rah-Rah.

          • That’s a wise move on your part, I suppose…..especially with the amount of krap that Scott seems to shovel on daily basis….and I’m impressed that you know what Wolf means, as very few of us really do……I respond the his threads in order to help sift through his BS, rather than simply take it at face value, like the trolls, such as yourself, do, and swallow it whole….. hook, line and sinker

          • I’m pretty sure Rah-Rah, Mr Wolf hasn’t ever quoted or referenced the book North Dallas Forty as fact – but you have.

        • Would you and the other Sunshine Pumpers prefer a blog with 2 or 3 articles a week like we see with Wang?

          • No, not necessarily. …but a troll free environment would be a great start ….and less plagiarism would be a bonus. …

  1. The Cadre Executive Council today approved a measure to confer honorary Cadre Status to Jim Thompson in recognition of his series of devastating crouch kicks administered to the hapless trOXans!!!

    can we get a group wolf-howl??



      • Classic, as in classic cartoon and the meaning behind it brain donor. Enquish? Is that a foreign language that was taught at Cerritos J.C.?

        • So in your semi-illiterate world, if you use “Classic” you always mean “Classic Cartoon.”

          As in KU, the “classic cartoon” University.

          Beep Beep Chauncey. Try Acme ESL classes.

  2. Memo to the Cadre. Only people or organizations that are RELEVANT merit cartoons that are, political or otherwise, in nature. Thus, begging the question. Where is U.C.L.A.?

    • Typical semi-literate KU grad – using terms you don’t understand – LOL

      FYI, Chauncey, “Begging the question” refers to an illogical conclusion drawn from a dubious premise.

      The correct conclusion is KU confirms its overt buffoon reputation.

      • If you spent as much time in a job, or looking for one, as you do here, you might actually enjoy life instead of having to come to a rival’s blog ALL THE TIME and spew nonsense.

          • I would be a greeter in a Walmart if necessary. There’s no stigma attached to honest labor.

            What’s your excuse Rah-Rah,

          • Forget about them hiring you…you’re ASSUMING that you’d even be QUALIFIED for the position…..did I mention anything about stigma being attached to honest labour?…NO!…. I did NOT!…. as usual, you’re reading WAY too much into what other people write….and for your information, I’ve worked blue collar jobs before, in my career….Never any excuses here, our resident village idiot…….

          • Well it’s plain from your paragraph syntax and redundancies, clear, concise communication wasn’t part of your numerous job descriptions.

          • Hey, aspiring Walmart greeter….I spelled labor with a “u”, knowing full well that you would snap up the bait and go on a mini rant, like the good troll you are… Hahaha….. that was TOO easy….

          • and you knew EXACTLY what I meant…. yet, you STILL felt the need to correct me, as you often do to others…. and you accuse ME of having an ego problem?……it’s truly laughable…….

      • This coming from a guy that has a certificate of completion from Cerritos J.C. I have a question for you. How much more money deos a U.S.C. grad make over the course of his/her career?

        • Chauncey I know what “Beg the question” means, and you have the KU degree. I can’t help if you’re a Class A dunce.

          Chances are you don’t make a dime, your money comes from mommie’s and Uncle Willie’s trust fund.

          • What’s the matter? Jealous? So what, my family has money. They’ve worked hard and so have I. By the way, how is DateMeLA working out for you. I bet there are some prize catches on that dating site. Especially for a man of your economic and educational stature.

          • Not at all Chauncey. If mother had a Trust Fund, we wouldn’t have had to live in Brentwood.

        • another one of those boneheads with ‘ssuuck connections’…..just like goat boy and cutty….
          i guess your roots make you special too…
          feyiughyt uuhhnnnnnn

          • Hey Buckethead. I’ll ask the same question to you as I did your twin sister. What’s the matter? Jealous?

  3. For better or for worse, you can’t fire royalty, especially if they are Sainted royalty.
    All SoCal can really do is cartoons.

  4. Juan was his own man and he brought a ray of sunshine to a place that needed it.

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