USC-UCLA Kickoff Update

The good news is the USC-UCLA game will not be a 7:30 p.m. kickoff. The game will start at either 12:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. or 5 p.m. (PT). The time will be announced by next Monday.

Besides the USC-UCLA game, Fox Network and ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 can choose Notre Dame-Stanford. Fox has the first selection and the 4:30 p.m. time slot. A 12:30 p.m. start would be on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2. A 5 p.m. slot is on ABC.

25 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Kickoff Update

  1. So Scott?…. no preview on tonight’s men’s basketball game against Monmouth?…no outcry that it’s only being broadcast on the Pac-12 Network?….are you boycotting covering the team, since your buddy Petros is no longer PA announcer at the games at the Galen Center?

    • I just chatted with Scottie over the phone and he said, yes, he was initially considering boycotting coverage of basketball until Petros was reinstated as announcer—- but he’s changed his mind. The boycott will remain in effect until Petros is made Athletic Director.

        • I seen “one flew over the cuckoos nest” last night. I remember you said to check it out. It was a good one!

          • That’s awesome!… Ya gotta love Jack Nicholson!…..and Chief!… “… Juicy Fruit….”… if you’re a fan of jack Nicholson movies (and who isn’t?), then I would also check out Chinatown with Faye Dunaway…’s about old Los Angeles, real estate deals, corruption, etc…. I’ll leave it at that…..

          • I’ve seen it a few times. And the Two Jakes. But Danny Devito is pretty funny. “Hit me, hit me”

          • The problem with Chinatown, Rah Rah, is it’s premised on Dept. of Water and Power corruption affecting water rates in Los Angeles. Luckily for the City of the Angels, we both know this is out of the realm of possibility.

          • And if you’re a fan of mob flicks (Godfather 1-3 and Goodfellas), then you MUST check out Once Upon a Time in America……it’s a VERY long movie (close to 4 hours), but it’s worth every minute….it has an all star cast (Robert De Niro, James Woods, Joe Pesci, with a small role, Elizabeth McGovern), great soundtrack… Sergio Leone’s epic masterpiece……

          • I’ve seen those. Great movies! I’ll keep my eye out for Once upon a time in America. De Niro, and Pesci together are gold!

        • It’s way better than that, Rah Rah! Petros has promised to bring in Scottie as Senior Assistant Athletic Director (in charge of football operations) when and if his boycott brings USC to its knees.

          • That would be perfect, especially considering that Scott really is SAAD, by his very nature.

          • You do have a point there, although I’m not so sure that Petros would be as effective at fundraising as Pat Haden…..

  2. My prediction is it will be a 12:30 game unless USC and UCLA both win this weekend. Then it will be a clear competition for the Pac-12 South title which would be better for TV ratings.

    • I think you are right, but as long as Stanford holds serve this weekend, I think they get the Fox time slot.

      • I agree – far more is weighted against a potential final four participant losing their shot i.e. The Princess Team – Notre Dame – sweet they get a ‘bye’ on the 5th December when four other major conferences are playing a CG and even better for The Princess Team it further winnows out any un-welcomed competitors for those four slots.

        Too bad Notre Dame isn’t forced to play the Big 12 champion on the 5th but hey you know The Princess Team always gets a special deal…they’re special…..

    • My prediction is that Haden fires Helton via text message after SoCal goes down by two touchdowns vs the best team in LA.

  3. For safety reasons, the game must be played at 12:30.
    No one in their right mind wants to be near the USC campus after dark.

    • The people selling those bacon wrapped hot dogs on those propane fueled metal trays don’t seem to mind it……

      • I wouldn’t miss it. So much fun to walk through that sea of red & yellow after we beat you by double digits. I do miss Julie’s though.

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