• Gabe Athaus

    He looks a lot like Scott Wolf.

    • USC jojo

      With a manly voice.

    • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

      They must have the same hair stylist…..

  • YOLO 4 SC

    Great hire – now let’s BEAT THE FARM!

  • Alvarado

    Great photo and good to see him w.o. the ‘Manhattan Beach’ baseball cap – might want to adopt the type John McKay wore instead.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      What exactly is a ‘Manhattan Beach’ baseball cap?

      • Alvarado

        Why now Jethro Bodine it would seem you haven’t crossed over from Sepulveda onto any of the numbered blocks between Rosecrans and Boundary Place – you’d see the ‘chapeau’ usually dark in color, at the wheel of a SUV, sunglasses, 3 day growth of beard and the also de rigeur long sleeve dark t-shirt….cookie cutter McMansions all in a row on the narrow little little streets and children all kept in tow…..

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          What about El Porto. Does that count too?

          • Alvarado

            Why yes I believe it does indeed! Ahh you remember when those sand dunes were discovered by gymnazis who covered the sand like locusts….locusts they were and truly be….ahh the outcry by the patricians was truly th3e keen of those whose very existence was in doubt “…rid our land of these foul denizens from (east of Sepulveda) from the ‘IE’! (believe me for the elites anything east of Sepulveda IS the IE!

            Go Mira Costa! Yeah yeah yeah go go go beat RBUHS (talk about power…man…)

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            What about Aviation HS?

          • Alvarado

            Why Jethro Bodine dost thou not knowest that said gymnasium of higher learning was turned into a rec center and performing arts site over 35 years ago?

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            I do knoweth.
            Actually the last graduating class was 1982 so not quite 35 years.
            Having grown up there I do believe that baseball caps are of the littlest concern when it comes to the community losing all of its charm.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I do not know who, if any, carried this live but I am sure it had more class than the LSU one, or Georgia one…talk about no class…Haden handled it nicely, unlike the airport debacle. I am amazed at LSU and Georgia AD’s…make Haden look great.

  • Trogan Fan

    VT took Fuente. He’s better than Helton.

    • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

      Maybe…. but he’ll never have the same level of talent as Helton will have at his disposal….

      • Trogan Fan

        I wasn’t really comparing VT to SC. I was just suggesting that they hired a guy many here had suggested would be good for SC. Why was VT able to make a good hire while SC again went safe?

        • USC Rah Rah’s Rule

          Reportedly, Fuente rejected many offers from other schools, before signing with VT…. what makes you think that USC wasn’t one of them?..Fuente is fortunate that he was able to retain Bud Foster as DC…. coaching is a fickle way to make a living… just look at Mark Richt and Les Miles……heck, look at Gene Chizik who won a BCS National Championship with Auburn just a few short years ago….

  • Golden Trojan

    Would be interesting to know who was not interested and who was considered less than or equal to Helton. If there truly were 17 guys not interested or less qualified/riskier than Helton, then they might as well pull the trigger. I am thinking Helton had another offer he would have taken if SC didn’t act now. Anyway what’s done is done, the players love him, seems to be taking over the defense as well as the offense. We’ll see who the new coordinators will be. As well as a new O line and maybe D line coaches. Beat the Tree.

  • Billy Jean

    Hope he now can afford hair plugs.

  • Rusty Buckets

    Email the athletic department to voice your discontent.

    Heather Dunn (dunnh@usc.edu). She apparently answers messages for Haden.


  • Fred Sampson

    My opinion will be based on the staff Clay Helton puts together, just as I did with Steve Sarkisian. And if he hands over his offensive responsibilitys to a coordinator like most successful coaches do, then I think USC will dominate the Pac 12 .

  • Pac12 fan

    Seriously? The USC program comes to hiring assistants?

  • Fred Sampson

    At least Clay Helton said all the things I wanted to hear during his press conference. “TOUGH PHYSICAL FOOTBALL WINS GAMES” ..Because I had know idea what his philosophy was prior to him saying that.

  • Max

    Paul Hackett had zero personality. His teams were some of the most undisciplined I’ve ever seen. Helton seems to get it. He connects with the players, which is critical in college.

    I do agree that Haden hiring him now is strange. Wait until the season ends, if only because you don’t put him in a bind between now and the end of the season.

    • Trogan Fan

      Sark also connected with players.

  • Powerhouse SC

    Yes, that’s true! If SC loses against Stanford this Saturday, the new hire would lose its luster almost instantly. Like you, I was hoping they would wait much longer before making the hire.