USC Still Projected For Vegas Bowl

Bowl guru Jerry Palm’s latest bowl projections place USC in the Las Vegas Bowl against BYU. The good news for USC players would be the game is in two weeks so bowl practices will be limited and the season will be over before Christmas.

The bad news is this is a nothing burger of a game. BYU? With lame-duck coach Bronco Mendenhall. Who will care? It’s a lose-lose matchup. If USC wins, no one remembers. If USC loses, it goes 8-6.

5 thoughts on “USC Still Projected For Vegas Bowl

  1. The bowl game doesn’t matter at this point. Doesn’t matter who we play, we gain nothing from it. If we beat Stanford and made it to the Rose Bowl, it’d be a different story.

  2. USC is right where they belong. This is not a team that is ready for a Rose Bowl game. Hope we get into the LV Bowl so we can get moving with the new staff. As FOTV points out, winning isn’t the big deal here – thought it would be nice. All that matters is USC moving out of the Kiffin/Sark era. Many will say Helton will always be stuck there. I don’t agree. His staff will be the first big reveal.

  3. Clay Kiffin cares … he looked up tight and scared as hell last night
    should have been careful what you brown nose for Chip Hilton
    He loses in one of these crappy bowl games then gets blown out by Bama …. he is digging himself a big big hole
    I can hear the booing already in the Coli, we don’t care if he is a nice guy or not , we do know he has no business coaching here

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