10 thoughts on “Photos: USC ends season with loss to Wisconsin in Holiday Bowl

  1. USC’s wish list should include a couple of big physical running backs , and some offensive lineman. Because they need to have the ability to sustain long drives, and control the clock to close out games.

    • Fred, I think you are right about the O Line. Far to often they were bullied and pushed off the ball. I think the group they have are big enough and look to have some skills; but they did not appear to be coached well. I have 2 friends who were D1 lineman and they commented all year long how the lineman had terrible footwork and poor technique. Question is this: were coaches ineffective or were the players unable to turn the coaching into performance?

      • If the trojans are going to return to national prominence we need some big defensive and offensive lineman.this conference is great when we play each other but start playing the Big Ten or SEC and those lineman are beast. Conference has proven that deficiency like when Oregon played Ohio State last year. No matter how good the QB or receivers the trenches still make the difference.

  2. On the up side, 6 losses is better than 7 losses. And Wole just got booted from his AA game – should fit in nicely over there!

  3. Tom Herman is destroying Florida St. Right now. He wasn’t old school USC football enough to even get an interview at USC. The administration is a joke.

  4. USC has been more than fair to Cody Kessler who maintained his starting position through many head coaches. Cody Kessler is not a play maker at the quarterback position. I see no improvement in 3 years as a starter, and his lack of mobility and attempts to consistently force the ball downfield killed many drives. He should be embarrassed the way he played in the big games especailly as a senior.

    Very doubtful he will even make the NFL……………why USC stuck with this guy for 3 years is unbelievable. Please take a look at the teams’s record under his leadership………..Tired of the excuses on to a new era with a quarterback who is a winner.

    Let’s hope Sam Darnold, or Max Brown will lead the team in tough games………. Kessler, clearly is not a winner.. If he’s drafted I will be shocked he just does not have it. We need a guy that can make plays when the receivers are covered…..A player who can take off and pick up that first down when needed.
    Looks to me like we need to move away from the blue-chip pro style qb, and go with a 3 star who can develop well in 4 years.

    Lets’ compare USC’s last QB’s.
    Kessler Grade D
    Barkley Grade C
    Sanchez Grade B
    Booty Grade C- (slight better than Kessler)
    Leinart Grade A Winner, despite less talent
    Palmer Grade A Improved ever year superior talent

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