USC Morning Buzz: Analysis Of Holiday Bowl Loss To Wisconsin

CODY.HOLIDAY.BOWLHere’s my analysis of last night’s Holiday Bowl: “USC proved it was not a comeback team this season, whether in losses to Stanford or Washington or Wisconsin. And the focal point, quarterback Cody Kessler, again came up short.

“Clay Helton takes the loss but linebacker Su’a Cravens pointed out USC’s players failed to make the plays to win several close games this season.

“It’s not any certain game plan or play call,” Cravens said. “Players need to step up. We’ve kind of gotten away from that (at USC).”

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39 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Analysis Of Holiday Bowl Loss To Wisconsin

  1. I’m tired of Cravens mouth. The guy played not to get hurt for the combine last night. Helton is a joke. Cravens sold a lemon on his way out the door.

  2. I have a problem with the way Scott continues, without a twinge of conscience, to report on the day in/day out inadequacies of our program. In my opinion he is deliberately putting pressure on the coaches and players to conduct a turn around—and this is causing a team-wide depression (which, of course, will trigger bigger and bigger losing streaks).

      • Helton’s 0-2 as our head coach. It looks like he may be 1-4 after playing Alabama, Utah St. and Stanford to start next season.

        • First off, didn’t mean to call you Yolo, Sam (it’s just force of habit). Secondly, may I say I have a very bad feeling you’re right about what our record is gonna look like by the middle of October 2016. I think we’re screwed.

          • Tyson Helton is coming in as QB/Passing Game Coordinator.
            Neil Callaway is the new O-Line Coach.

  3. Think that Wisconsin posted the JuJu looking forward to Alabama comment in their locker room before the game?

    • I think Helton needs to grow a pair and be a LOT tougher on the players. Kessler ad libbing, players mouthing off about wanting to play Alabama, Helton better stop this or the inmates will run the asylum

      • Helton may have the title, G.T. —but he still acts like the substitute teacher who’s scared of the class. I hope everybody’s as sick as I am of hearing him say he’s “greatly honored” to coach this guy or that guy (you couldn’t torture Saban into saying that), or somebody or other is THE best he’s ever seen in 21 years of coaching. As it stands now, there are about 7 players who are the best he’s seen in 21 years of coaching — if we grant him the 21 years, does that work out to 3 years a player? Or what?

  4. Also, if USC thought they could run against Wisconsin with our lineman versus theirs they didnt watch much Wisconsin game film. But maybe Helton gave the coaches off like he did the players to rest up for game after long season and Pac12 champ game. Just analyze the wins this year versus the losses. None of the wins have really proved to be impressive at seasons end.

  5. No shock that the Trojans came up short against the Badgers. The whole coaching staff was gutted, same bowl game as last year. Trojans could have won, just didn’t make enough plays. Funniest moment from last night was seeing Cody run the run option, like anyone thinks he was going to keep the ball. Bring on 2016, I’ve had enough of the 2015 Trojans. Fight On!

  6. Helton needs top assistants, don’t see him getting any yet. SC needs a winner at QB, I think Darnold is the man not Browne, but somehow I see Browne getting the job even if he gets outplayed in practice like Darnold did last season. If the Helton experiment fails, how can ANYONE at USC allow Haden to make the next call, that’s if Haden is still among the living.

  7. Slow starts have been a problem in the big games and i cant remember the last time Cody rallied us from behind for a win.

        • Kessler was an average college QB, nothing more. If SC wants another slow footed clone of the losers Kessler/Johnson, play Browne next season. If they want a chance to win, play Darnold.

          • Go Tama, so right! Kessler will be at best another bench warmer or practice squad in NFL and agree with you about the inmates running the place. Doesnt happen in the major programs.

  8. For a team that lived by the pass it amazes me that we lack a defense for the forward pass.

    • Poor coaching, non existant pass rush and players playing out of position, #8 is not a CB he’s a safety.

  9. One undercurrent throughout the article is balls. CK lacked them to throw deep and go for it. AJ lacks them because he is afraid to tackle. The entire team lacks balls because they are afraid to play to win, only to play not to lose. Helton lacks balls because he will do nothing unless Haden says it is okay. Haden has no balls which is evidenced in every decision he makes. It would take balls to hire an experienced HC that doesn’t “know” USC. And now Haden and Helton stand with empty pants wanting to hire back Pendergast, for what reason nobody knows. It starts with at the top, USC needs a real man as AD, one who can make a decision, one that takes work to do. This USC leadership will flounder as will the programs under it until true men with balls take control.

  10. Cravens was nowhere to be found last night in the game. That had to be his worst game as a Trojan, didn’t see him make any mistakes, but he was around any plays.

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