USC Coach Andy Enfield On NCAA Tournament Chances

USC coach Andy Enfield after tonight’s loss to Utah: “I think with our strength of schedule and how many top 100 wins we have, I think there is no question that we deserve to be in the tournament. I certainly wouldn’t want to play us. We’re very streaky and explosive, as you saw the last two games.”

  • JustOwns

    Winners of the 3 of their last 10 games. Very streaky! and the Bozo’s are ripe to lose anywhere but at Galen Barn.

    Anyain’twinning must have had his tongue squarely in his cheek, when commenting “We’re very streaky and explosive, as you saw the last two games.” LOL.

    • SCgrad12

      Where is UCLA going in the post season after that stellar 15-17 season? I’ll make you a bet. If USC doesn’t go the NCAA tournament I’ll stay off this “blog” until football season in August. If USC does go, which they will after the curb stomping of the gutty little Bruins, then you will stay off this “blog” for the same amount of time. Put your money where your mouth is jackwagon.

      • Globehead

        Without this blog what the hell would he do all day? There’s only so much to keep you occupied in your mom’s basement.

        • WESTWOOD ROB

          In my mom’s basement there’s this thing in the corner that calls itself Grimsby. It’s hard to see Grimsby because it’s so dark down there. Sometimes Grimsby tells me to do bad things, but I’m like “No way man, that would be wrong!”

      • Jack B

        Without this Trojan blog, Just Squats doesn’t even exist, except as a customer to his local low rent liquor store. Sis, boom, bah – the sound Just Squats makes when he explodes.

    • Globehead

      We would’ve won more games but they only let us play UCLA 3 times.

  • Steve B.

    Someone explain to me what kind of crappy teams are in the top 100. Trojans couldn’t beat Utah (2), Oregon (2), Cal (1), and even lost to Stanford, UW, OSU, ASU, The one big win was over Arizona of course at home in 4 OT. Yale won the Ivy League so maybe that will get them into the ncaa tourney. Wichita St. played w/o their AA guard, and one other starter. Split with Monmouth U. Big wins over CSUN, Lafayette, SIEU, Cal Poly, UC Davis, & San Diego. We all know about ucla and WSU which was five wins. Enfield one of the worst defensive coaches around.

    • Sam Bam

      We beat Wichita St. and Colorado. If you count Arizona that’s 3 NCAA Tournament teams we beat. USC has played a tough schedule. You say even lost to UW, OSU, and ASU so freskin what? We also beat those three teams. I’ve watched about 25 of our games, seen this team in person, and they can play. This PAC 12 conference was good and USC proved to be a player.

      • gotroy22

        Proved to be a player with 9 losses in conference and losing to Utah last night?

        • Sam Bam

          We can knock off a team or two going forward

  • Helen

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    RIP Owen


      It’s getting all “Letters to Penthouse” around here.

  • Mrhawaii

    Has any coach ever said they don’t deserve to go to the tournament? This is old coach speak.

  • Golden Trojan

    USC ranks 48th in the RPI. That’s a 12 seed. Once you seed all the conference champs and the rest of the top 25, what spots will be left? SC would seem to be some where in the top 68 teams, but they could easily get bumped.

    • gotroy22

      The rah rahs don’t realize how important last night’s game was.

  • Trojan in Michigan

    We’ll be dancin’ and uclowns will be home watchin’ bwahahahahahahaha

  • jkstewart2

    Should Enfield be on the bubble? I’ve been disappointed with the BB program under his direction. They peaked in the middle of the season when they beat Arizona. Since then, it’s been downhill.

    • Golden Trojan

      Really, taking a bad program and making it decent is not progress? He will have to improve next year. But they are not done yet.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    NIT LEVEL and could play several games or win it….NCAA 1 and out…next year is the year if all return and work hard like this year…this was a great effort and a great year for SC basketball.

  • Steve W

    this is the best season bozo U has had in a long time and you guys probably can’t even make the tournament. Sucks for being a $C fan.