Mike Garrett’s Empire

So yesterday I reported Cal State Los Angeles athletic director Mike Garrett fired the men’s and women’s basketball coaches and wants to hire Henry Bibby and Cheryl Miller to coach those teams. Bibby is waiting because he has some other job possibilities (astoundingly). I also hear he’s also interested in hiring a former USC assistant as a track coach.

But here’s another interesting tidbit: Cal State L.A.’s assistant director of athletics is Daniel Garrett, who is Mike Garrett’s son (and a USC graduate).

  • insideUSC1986

    Why do you care what a D2 school AD does, You only make yourself look stupid. Report on USC, he no longer works at USC.. Geez show some journalism etiquette.

    • john

      SW is clueless

  • john

    Welcome to the “Inside Cal State LA” blog

    • insideUSC1986

      Lol.. Where Owns is the mascot!

      • Mrhawaii

        Where Owns picks up the mascot’s …. uh…contributions to the ecology.

  • Sam Bam

    Astoundingly? From you SW?

  • j metaphor

    Garrett is SoCal relevant news anytime he is in the neighborhood.
    Banished from the Empire by the forces of good, he slithers back just across the moat, lurking, longing for a sweet taste of the days of old.
    How much longer can it be before Reggie Bush and O.J. are back at the Round Table?
    Oh, wait. When does OJ get out again?

    • john

      The same day ucla grad and serial killer Rodney Acala does

      • JustOwns

        Johnny, Acala didn’t graduate from UCLA. And OJ didn’t graduate bozo u. Didn’t you read OJ’s I didn’t do Nicole letter.

        • Alvarado

          Where did you graduate from?

  • Old Trojans never die

    Cal State lost its football program in the 70s. Their basketball program has been up and down for years. They changed their mascot from the Diablos to the Golden Eagles.
    The school has become stale. They could use some names on campus. Too bad they won’t get them.

  • Mrhawaii

    Nepotism – the lucky sperm lottery for the mediocre.

  • Mrhawaii

    I hear that Bryon Scott is now available. I was shocked as well as he was when the Lakers fired his pathetic butt. 17-65 record-nowhere to go but up. LOL