Cheryl Miller Officially Hired At Cal State Los Angeles

CHERYL.MILLERCal State Los Angeles just announced Cheryl Miller’s hiring as women’s basketball coach. This is Mike Garrett’s third time he hired Miller.

“I’ve known Cheryl as a player, coach and general manager for more than 20 years. She is a world-class talent,” Garrett said. “I came to Cal State L.A. to win national championships, and Cheryl has done just that. She knows how to get us to where we intend to go.”

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  • john

    And no one cares but the blogger .

    At least Iron Mike checked off 3 boxes with this hire!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I seem to recall she had some good teams at So.Cal. Where had she been since then?

  • Steve B.

    Co-coach with Cynthia .Cooper at USC might be what the doctor ordered. The program has gone basically nowhere since she left the coaching rank with the Trojans.