USC Morning Buzz: Tate Martell Commits To Third School

MARTELL.APSo far, so good. Tate Martell, the Pocket Quarteback, committed to Ohio State yesterday. This follows his commitment to Washington as an eighth grader and Texas A&M last year. USC always gets listed among his final schools but I never hear the Trojans are close to being his final pick. I suspect seeing Sam Darnold has something to do with it. And it’s better for USC to avoid any future drama that might come with the high-profile Martell, who does not seem like the type that will stick around if he loses a QB derby.

9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tate Martell Commits To Third School

  1. Ohio St also landed 5-Star OG Wyatt Davis of St John Bosco. USC was never a serious contender for him.

    • Sammy, we are “stacked” at the Offensive Line position and once Coach Cab Callaway (CCC) is done with the current Offensive Lineman then every Top Lineman in the Country will flock to USC in droves !

      We now have the best Offensive Line Coach in the Country, and that is a good thing !!!


      • We’re gonna land Austin Jackson and Chuck Filiaga this class. Big time OLINE MAN are on the way.

  2. The blogger is really on top of his game…. He will also soon post Reagan beats Carter….

  3. I can’t tell if SW knows what Tate Martell actually is. He says “the pocket Quarterback”. My bad. More sarcasm obviously from the cut and paste guru.

  4. Is this kid related to Burning Bernie or what, this guy is a disease to what ever he touches !

    Thank God that everything between this 17yr old nut-case and USC fell apart long ago !!

    Ohio State, You can have him and please, don’t let him go !!!

    This guy will be a 3rd stringer at best, whoa to the team that put their hopes on him because really tough days are ahead for You !

    And this guy would be the shortest guy on a baseball team, and a soccer team too ?

    With current/modern Offensive Lineman, oh say in the 6.5′ to say, 6.9′ range (See Zack Banner) standing in front of him he won’t be able to get the ball over their shoulders !

    And the DLineman could rush this quarterback on their knees and still nock down 60% of his passes !!

    Modern Athletic assessment is about as far in left field as one could go ???

    And watch what “real” College Quarterbacks from Mad Max to Sam Darnold can do !!!!!

    And send Martell to the “Pee-Wee” league…


  5. The kid looks like a total sociopath! He has that “killer” look in his eyes.

  6. I could be wrong. Let’s wait and see how he does. Ohio State sees something in him that I don’t and they would know more than I do. Let’s see how he does this year without Tyjohn Lindsey. I’m just not crazy about wasting a scholie on a 5’10” QB.

  7. My guess is on LOI day he’ll sit down with a bowl alphabet soup and make his pick from the first spoonful.
    I don’t know him but with commitment issues like his can he be a good quarterback?

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