Subtle Uniform Change Cont.

I forgot to mention yesterday the white road jerseys will not only have a cardinal collar but cardinal cuffs at the end of the shirt sleeve. And I’m pretty sure the collar will be in the new Greek-style trim.

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    • Maybe there’s a method to the madness here, Yolo! The beaten Trojans, led by Aeneas, head to Italy, and aided by the Goddess Venus, found the Roman Empire —hence the need for Roman trim around our new collars…… (come to think of it, I’m with Sam! Let’s cut the crap and focus on football)!

  1. I just want to win. Who cares about uniforms at this point. Just don’t break out any all whites. Let’s focus on the games and WIN!

    • I care – Troy is one of the very few major programs to refuse to be ‘hip’ for the ‘players’. It is a true privilege to be offered a scholarship as so many prospects know the cachet for having been deemed worthy of an offer.

      No big deal with this change ‘but’ leave the overall unis alone! i.e. NYY, Mapleleafs, Celtics, Bears – let bel-air tech shill constantly for relevancy and attention.

      • I’m all for that. I’d like to be original and traditional, but the reality is there will be an alternate uniform. Maybe not this this year or next year. But it’s inevitable that we will stray and put on a new Jersey for one game. What I’m saying is to our players, and to our fans is don’t worry about that right now because we have more bigger issues on our plates that we need address. Winning. We’ve had 10, 9, 8 win seasons as of late. It’s time to win.

      • I agree. I also think it tends to be reflective of the state of the program. When tinkering happens to produce something new, bad times usually are happening and it is because perhaps, the people in charge don’t really believe full on in tradition or the people have the wrong priorities and what they imagine will make a difference for the good is totally out of whack.

      • Celtics, Bears, Mapleleafs, UCLA Basketball.
        All classics. Changing style doesn’t matter as long as those four letters are on the jersey.
        As John Wooden often used to say: “We beat you again”

        • Actually changing the style does matter, as we have seen with the ruins changing their uniforms at the whim of their athletic company masters and winning nothing in basketball the last 21 years. Why would you change the uniforms that won 10 NC’s? Stupid!

          • They did not win 10 or 11 natiional championships, they were bought. Even Jim J Harrick took on the tradition of cheating when he bought the one in 1995.

        • Andy Enfield has been saying that recently. Try not to delve into ancient history.

        • Metaphor, actually Johnny often used to say, “We cheated and I had the NCCA go after Jerry Tarkanian so I would not be exposed as a fraud, liar, cheat, and average coach”.

  2. What kind of source, that you’ll actually quote in a professional capacity, says “pretty sure” about a “news item”??

    • Um, the sources employed by the investigative reporters for the New York Times…?

        • Deep down, I think we all agree with you, C.R. —even though we sharp shoot Scott, we’re happy he’s got the imagination to keep us entertained until there’s some ‘real’ news to report in August (and Scott is a master at creating ‘something’ out of nothing until the actual ‘something’ comes along)….

          • Yes, he is a Master Baiter! (Meaning specifically that he knows how to bait as a master of that particular craft)

          • You have been very impish today, Master Yolo

  3. Any baby quarterback updates? The world needs to know!!! Also what about the Galen Center Soft Serve? Will it be back?

  4. The Opening is happening at NIKE in Oregon. Does anyone know if it is open to the public? Apparently the top recruits are living up to the hype.

    • I don’t know if it’s open to the public, but the combine portion of the Opening and the semifinals and finals will be this weekend on espnU. It’s the first time that I can remember it being on a weekend.

          • What the hell are you talking about? I laughed out loud when I read your reply. Have a good weekend.

          • This is one of the accounts Bucket uses when he wants to be rude.

          • Is that what you used to say when you would round up Jews, Kurt Waldheim Jr?

          • Yes it is – his real ‘essence’ is ‘Poppin’ Fresh’….squeezably soft…..hmmm squeeze ‘it’…why it’s just like Charmin n’est pas?

          • This is a perfect example of why you are not nice. I merely pointed out that Josh Rosen has a larger than average sized nose and here you are still carrying on with this nonsense.

          • This is a perfect example of your antisemitism. Jews have been commonly caricatured by antisemites as having “Jewish noses” for centuries and when called on it they claim they are “just kidding”. You defiantly continue the tradition. That makes you a very unpleasant person.

          • Did you ever think that when you throw around racist or antisemite accusations like this it hurts the cause when that actually is the case?

            Ever hear about the boy who cried wolf?

          • Did you ever think of anyone besides yourself in your long miserable existence on Planet Earth?

          • Your passive aggressive personality disorder will keep on going until your meaningless life finally runs out.

          • So now I’m a brainless, passive aggressive rah-rah nazi?
            That seems like a rather odd combination.

          • Actually it fits you perfectly. You seek groups out that tell you what to do and think and plug right in. That’s why you are a rah rah.

          • Sounds like another #Broketrogan might belong to the same duet trying to keep the Raiders from leaving to Vegas.. .


  5. What’s the big deal? I like Greek too. I’ll bet Mr. Bucket loves it too. Can’t wait for the season to start.

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