14 thoughts on “Cartoon Of The Day

  1. Lousy artwork and even lousier text.

    No mystery why this guy has a viewership of what? 30 miles radius from downtown LA

    • you should consider changing your name to BORIS, VLADIMIR or anything russian. the russians don’t smile, don’t like to laugh, and in general….lack a sense of humor. ‘Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat’……

      • Look idiot the names ist ‘Boris Badenoff’ NOT ‘VLADIMIR….Vladirmir is a patrynomic of Ilyich da! Dat ‘Ilyich’

  2. I give him three more years there before he wears out his welcome – and no ring. He may win a conference title, but he’ll go title-less for his career.

    • Not so sure – and I’m no fan of Harbaugh ‘but’ Harbaugh has coached in both NFL and the college ranks – he’s a quick study but yes I agree he does wear his welcome out.

      Colleges are far more forgiving of crackpots if they win – SFO hasn’t been anything since Harbaugh left and I’m not sure Kelly is the answer.

      • Good point about colleges tolerating the crackpots. And he is a “Michigan Man”….

    • Based on what? He should have won that Super Bowl but the non call on the pass interference robbed him.

  3. It could happen because Harbaugh is not afraid go think out of the box. He’s got the SEC totally OBSESSED, like the Dummies on this site are obsessed with AllTimr Natty Kings, UCLA!!

    Memo to JT: love your stuff, can we see some Scott Wolf or Game Of Thrones cartoons??


  4. He does like to push the button. I can see why a lot of coaches probably hate him. Once he starts doing something then they feel they have to do it to compete. It’s like steroids. Once players start using, then everybody thinks that they must use to compete. He does tend to wear out his welcome. I heard him say that himself one time on an interview. Will he wear it out at Michigan? I don’t know but actually, I hope so. I’ve never liked the guy. I always remember the SC game where they were ahead 47-25 with hardly any time left. Most coaches would have told their teams to take a knee. But not ‘Mr. rub your nose in the dirt’! He was throwing the ball and he finally scores. Then he goes for 2! I was thinking….”what a moron”. No class!

    • Like when Pete was ahead of the fuclans 21-7 and threw the long bomb with the game in the refrigerator? I sure would prefer Harbaugh to be our head coach instead of the parade of head coaches we have endured since Pete left. Too bad we had a corrupt AD who was too busy enriching himself and his family at a charity instead of doing whatever it took to bring Harbaugh here after he left the 49ers, With our recruits and Harbaugh’s system we would win a couple national titles before his next burnout. And I would forgive him for that 2 point conversion.

      • I don’t like him very much but if he wanted to come to SC I would probably welcome him with open arms. Maybe, eventually I’d start to like him. I can’t argue with anything that you said about PH. He certainly wasn’t good for this football program. Hopefully, Lynn Swann will be much better. As far as Pete Carrol is concerned, in that game they did take a knee(I think twice if I remember right) but UCLA kept playing at full speed and going after the QB and then PC got mad and threw the bomb.

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