USC-UCLA Cartoon Of The Day


Here’s Jim Thompson‘s take on Rick Neuheisel’s recent comments that UCLA should leave the Pac-12 for the Big 12 to escape USC’s shadow.

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    • Jackie,
      Q) How does the entire sports world see SoCal?
      A) To quote ESPN: Clown U.
      You bozos have spanned the entire spectrum of indiscretions from A.D’s that misdirect scholarship funds and hire drunks to double murderers. From balcony jumpers to near death penalty NCAA sanctions. With the almost weekly drama at SoCal, I wonder if it’s even possible to embarrass a Fan like you. You lose three of four in your favorite sport and are still irrationally cocky. I know, I know, 50-0. That 50-0 explains a lot about the guy that would suggest UCLA move out of our conference and it’s why he now makes his living with his mouth and not as our coach. So just relax, pal and enjoy another football lesson from Alabama and Jim Mora then maybe you can brag about your women’s water polo team again next season.

      • What’s to be embarrassed about a 12-4 record since 2000? You’ve only won four times this century while managing to lose a bunch of baby bowl games. We own you, which is why you’re over here all the time licking your wounds.

        Helton owns Mora too by the way. He slaughtered Mora last Nov. Your hoops team is also in the dumper and USC humiliated near last place finisher ucla in baseball 10-0 at your rented BB stadium. (Do you little guttys rent everything?)

        Hah, hah, hah. USC’s better in all the big sports now and leads huge in both baseball and football historically. Huge. That’s called bragging chump. Hah, hah, hah.

        You’ll always lead in basketball but your hoops coach is so crappy he can’t even handle USC now and he’s returning his salary! A coaching first.

        And the NCAA is investigating Mora and Klemm. I love it. You not only only stink, but you’ve cheated to get there. I love Slick Rick too. He’s once again made ucla the laughing stock of Los Angeles. Enjoy the ride. The joke’s on you little gutty. Tommy’s not been very nice to you and your blond-haired QB heritage. Randy Cross thinks you’re a joke too.

        Predator Protector U – Big 12 here we come! Hah, hah, hah. Thanks for the laugh.

        • The hah, hah, hah that you use on every post,
          is that you laughing at your own sad and scary humor or are you laughing at your rival in a much better part of the same city with a far superior academic standing with more championships than any other that has beaten you 3 out of 4 years in your favorite sport? Or is hah, hah, hah just a nervous reaction to the fact that you are about to enter a new season with no QB and a trainee head coach?
          Have fun in Texas, Clown College Boy, hah, hah, hah.

          • Does this clear things up for you? Not much of a reader are you?

            “Hah, hah, hah. USC’s better in all the big sports now and leads huge in both baseball and football historically. Huge. That’s called bragging chump. Hah, hah, hah.”

            Get it little gutty?

          • You are really enjoying your one year run in football, basketball & baseball. That’s good because that’s just what it is, one and done.
            Your basketball program is a dumpster fire and your football program is, as usual, overblown with hype. Smart high school recruits and their parents will see what a drama queen roller coaster the SoCal football program is and avoid it for a better option in a better part of the same city. They will see that the same old guard is in charge (Haden/Swann) and that the drama will continue.

      • You’re such a pitiful little gutty Troll! Good luck in the Big 12 Mr. Wimpwood. Hah, hah, hah.

        • You act like 12 year old on here! I cannot believe that you are a senior citizen.

          • Bow down Troll Boy. You little gutties stink. Nice cartoon, don’t you think? Totally accurate. Want a hanky?

          • UCLA people hate USC because their alums are extremely arrogant! USC people hate UCLA because they most likely got rejected by UCLA!

          • ucla isn’t and never has been good enough to hate. Toy with, ya. It’s a cartoon screwball. Get over it, weakling.

          • I’m laughing at that. Go ask Billy Joe Jackson what he thinks about academics. When he was accepted to play football at Thug U aka ruinville, he could neither read or write. I laugh at your comment about Elite academic institution. They asked Toby Bailey what he thought about comparing ugly to his high school and he said there was no difference in academics. I laugh at you and your comment.

          • Jason Kapono’s laughing too. Remember when Kapono went on national TV and admitted ucla just kept him eligible even though he did no school work. ucla academics at their finest.

          • Back in the 80’s total idiots got accepted into USC. There parents may have had to make a little extra donation, but they got in, and had an easy time graduating. These people couldn’t have gotten accepted into UCLA in their dreams. There are so many older USC alums, who aren’t very bright at all, and you may be one of them.

          • Thug U back in the day was equilvent to s Cal State school. Guess what, it still is. The only reason it is tough to get in the cal state school is because you have 40, 000 applying and people with the largest checks books and pacific rim people get in because they will pay the out of state tuition of a cal state education. Thug U did get smart by taking more out of staters for the higher tuition. Thug U is a joke. If you can spell your name, and write the date, you score at 65% on the test.

          • That post was so stupid, that I am now done with you pasadena trOJan! You are a very ignorant person, and I am just wasting my time replying to you. Good Bye!

          • Don’t forget your marbles. Tell me what is not true of what I have written about Thug U? I might have stretched the truth about writing your name and the date, but it is in the ballpark. I’m gonna tell you a secret and that is, I have taken two extended courses in real estate at ugly. Guess what, I was bored. They were equilivent to a JC college course. I have taken the same course at a JC level and the same material was brought up. I needed the course for continuing education for my two real estate licenses which are in appraising and being a broker. Yes, they are both current.

          • Hmmm.. USC is harder to get in toooooooo. Ucla is equivalent to a CC or JC .. USC is the same class as Harvard, NYU, Yale and Stanford..

    • Is that picture any different than the feeling one gets watching the trolls on this site. I can picture Owns in his Aikman jersey sitting on bench yelling Bozu U and Super Bowl winning QB.

  1. UCLA is not the type of school that can build depth along the line of scrimmage, and that will always keep them chasing the, Trojans!

    • Donahue didn’t build depth along the line of scrimmage? Their recruiting failures began when he left in 1996.

      • You can pretty much cherry pick years with lots of college football teams , where they had depth at most positions, but the key is to be able to do it year after year. Think about the linemen the powerhouse teams put in the nfl, and UCLA isn’t, and never has been on the radar

  2. I like Rick, but oh man, did he step in it. He’s getting destroyed on all the national shows for illustrating how intimidated UCLA is by USC and its traditions. He should have, instead, stuck to the $$ argument. Both UCLA and USC should take meetings with the Big 12. The leadership of this conference sucks. HQ and TV station in SF? Nuts.

    • That would be a disaster, USC taking meetings with the Big 12. Oklahoma wants out for the SEC. I don’t think SC would even contemplate the move. Never.

      • Sam, USC would be foolish not to contemplate several moves/options right now. That includes a merger with the Big 12. Don’t sit there and wait for OK to bolt to the SEC and take OKST with them. We want to be able to take the best of what the Big 12 has to offer.

        SC needs to be expanding its reach into real football country. We need to be trying to make Texas an extension of California (and whatever conference we’re in) and further reach into the south through Oklahoma. We’re not going to make a bright football future being tied to the Pacific NW. We and the seven southernmost schools need to pack our bags and head east into football country. Ongoing demographic changes will just continue to make our current conference footprint territory less competitive with regards to recruits. Remember when Cali was better or on par with TX and FLA for producing top end talent? It’s still 3rd, but less competitive than it was and that trend will continue.

        This is not about tradition, this is about relevancy in a changing marketplace, taking the long view and whether or not USC still truly wants to be a football school. We could stay in the Pac 12 for love of Olympic/women’s sports and tradition, but the big dog needs to be eating better. Conferences exist not because of romance, but to serve its member institutions. We are not being well served in this conference. Other schools are paying much less for their representation and getting much more from it. We can’t wait until 2024 to improve our situation because we’ll be left behind by then.

        • I have to disagree with you. The Big 12 is not real football country. And if we’re talking money, USC still hasn’t ruled out having its own network, and USC will definitely look into that when the current deal ends. It doesn’t matter what conference we’re in, Texas and other states like Florida will always have talent for USC. The recruiting will always be fertile for USC. The Pac 12 makes most of their money off of Academics something that the Big 12 does not. USC has planted the flag for West Coast football and Owns this media market, not Stanford, UCLA or Oregon. USC is the reason why ESPN started to have the Pac 12 on ESPN in the 2000’s because we are always relevant. Paul Finebaum said during SEC media days that Oklahoma would be better off in the SEC because the big 12 has trouble drawing crowds in all other sports not football and basketball. Why would USC want to deal with those chances. Tradition or relevancy. USC is both right here right now. Fans don’t want to travel to El Paso for The Sun Bowl, do you think they’d travel well to watch USC vs Texas Tech in the regular season? USC will always be relevant. I would rather be an Independent then play sports in the BIG12. Agree to disagree Clay.

          • Right Sammy, UCLA just signed a CFB record $280 million mega deal with UA and bozo u is stuck with a penny ante Nike deal and a John McKay statue sporting Nike Shoes that McKay never wore.

            Upshot, bozo u is the So Ca Oregon Univ. satellite campus. When Phil dictates, bozo u gladly bends over.


          • Ok, basically you’re saying USC will be fine because it’s USC and it has always been fine. That’s sounds a lot like complacency and arrogance and that comes with being on top for so long. You sound like a good Roman citizen must have.

            USC can’t have its own network when it’s bound to the Pac 12 and its network-which it is. The time to do that was when you were making this deal, but you should’ve never made this deal. Honestly, I don’t know if USC viewership could support its own network. This isn’t Texas. Going independent is an unnecessary roll of the dice.

            The current contract expires in 2024. What will proactive actors be doing during that time other than making hundreds of millions more and applying it to their programs?

            If you separate the 16 teams in 2 divisions, both divisions maintain their identity. The old Pac 12 schools are still the same schools. If these schools have such strong identities why would they be so afraid they’d lose it by dropping Ore, Ore St, WSU and UW? We’d really have an identity crises losing those academic powerhouses. I’m also sure USC fans would miss going to such cosmopolitan places as Eugene, Corvallis and Pullman. Staying in the Pac 12 for the purposes of Olympic sports is the tail wagging the dog. Also, when schools in the big 10 and SEC are making tens of millions more than us each year, their Olympic sports will catch up and pass us anyway.

            If yours is the pervasive opinion at USC, we’re probably going to see the SEC be first to 16, but not the last. The SEC cares about football and that’s why they are trying to add football royalty in OK. They already extended their reach into Texas with A&M. The Big 12 has outright said they are trying to add teams. If you’re relying on pedigree then recognize there aren’t that many teams in the west who are worthy of your association. When consolidation happens, and it’s happening now, we can’t have the best of the Big 12 consolidating East. Look at a map and see what we’ll be left to choose from.

            Fiddle away, Nero while Rome burns.

        • You are totally right. SC does not need the NW teams. Between Larry Scott destroying the TV network and Pat Haden’s “asleep at the wheel” mangement, there is nothing left to save in the Pac12. The future is with a merger in the east.

          • Thank you, sir.

            We laid down and got screwed by the NCAA while the conference and our carpet bagging conference mates silently cheered… We gave up the ability to even begin to unlock our true value in a socialistic, ineffective TV deal… Are we now going to sit back and allow ourselves to be disadvantaged in realignment? What does “Fight On!” mean when you’re not really fighting?

          • We don’t need to be messing around in the backwoods of the Pacific NW on foggy Halloween nights and krap like that either. Stop carrying those folks, get some of your games on earlier in the day so the East coast can see them and grow this thing.

    • Ricky Neu built up a lot of good will among Bruins who forgave his failed stint as coach…but MAN, is he putting our loyalty to the TEST!!!


      • Rick is getting mondo PR from that B12 opinion.

        Stories about Rick’s off the wall opinions are way better than cheap stories about bozo u players switching #’s – ex. AJ will wear the #0 for 2016. That indicates the # of tackles he will make this season.

      • Why take it as an insult? It’s reality. And Clay is right, USC needs to leave the Pac 12 and do what is right for itself in the new world of college football.

  3. If the inference is there is an opening to leverage gain for USC and the rest of the Pac-12 Lynn Swann do it!

  4. Where’s Bucket? I could have sworn he said he was a big admirer of Jim Thompson.

  5. Neuhiesal is an imbecile, but there’s no way he said that. Why would any western team be in the Big-12, isn’t this about geography? Plus UCLA would be the new Texas Tech or whatever worthless team is at the bottom of the Big-12 every year. UCLA needs to stay in the Pac-12 and hope that USC gets crippling sanctions again so they can win 2 times again, over the next 20 years or whatever. You know it’ll happen.

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