QB Jack Sears To USC

jack-searsSan Clemente QB Jack Sears, who replaced Sam Darnold, has switched his commitment from Duke to USC tonight. Why would Sears want to sit behind Darnold? Maybe he thinks Darnold might go pro after next year. Or at worst he would start three years if Darnold goes pro after his junior season.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Very simple Wolf, do I go to Duke and not do anything or go to the greatest college football school of all time? Answer is easy, he wants to play at the best college football school. Welcome Jack.

    • Disqus 30

      What’s up with Sears? He was recruited by the entire PAC12 and half the SEC, but chose Duke?

  • LamontRaymond

    Larger point: Recruits love what’s going on at USC these days. A credit to Clay Helton, the staff, and the team. Great to see a group of men respond early season adversity like they’ve done. Scottie would have packed it in after Utah, we know. But hey, got to have the nay-sayers.

  • DMH63

    I hear the Herald Examiner is hiring! Smh.. Welcome to the USC family Jack!

    Maybe we can get Donald Trump to buy the Daily News so we can hear him say you’re FIRED .. Scott Wolf!

  • Sam Bam

    Bruins thought they were the leaders in August. What a difference winning football games makes.

    • DMH63

      Still say we hook Jaelan Phillips before signing day!

      • Sam Bam

        That would officially be labeled the recruiting upset of the year. After SC beats UCLA on Saturday it may get us an official visit from him. Ronnie Lott’s son went to UCLA. Anything is possible.

        • DMH63

          Many of the kids don’t go to their dads old school in fear of not living up to his expectations. Clay M Jr was the exception!

          • Sam Bam

            Pat Harlow’s kid went to Oregon State and Clay Mathews younger son went to Oregon so that has some truth to it. Phillips has been big on the Bruins but things can change quickly when you win. Darnay Holmes now says it’s out of Michigan, UCLA and USC when we weren’t in his top 5 all year. If SC beats UCLA and another rival in Notre Dame we may have to drop some kids because recruiting is gonna pick up for us.

          • DMH63


          • gotroy22

            Like Boermeester.

          • DMH63

            Forgot about his dad being a former bruin..

      • JR

        Yea but it wouldn’t be as much fun if we didn’t have wolfie to kick around anymore.

  • MSK

    Good news, but none of it matters until signing day. Seems like the “commitments” mean less and less every year. A verbal was never binding but it used to mean something and there was honor in keeping one’s word. Not anymore.

  • David Keeling

    It called “winning” and if that continues to occur, then we will see more high school players of note showing interest. I would also be interested to see, if USC continues to win, if Helton will start looking at talent beyond his “3-star funk” these past months.


    Here we go with this stiff Qb liking again. No thank you to either one. Usc needs to stay away from both of the Qbs. Smh lol. Repeat no more Browne’s. Usc needs mobil Qb’s. Pocket passer no legs yall out of your minds! Usc has always been the dumping ground for all these so called 4 and 5 star Qb’s lol. They winning nothing no were else and use USC as leverage. No more robots please ! Give us athletic Qb’s with wheels that can move and scramble !

  • tim chaney

    where is ricky town when you need him… lol