Sign Of The Times

The Biletnikoff Award announced its 10 semifinalists and USC wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster was not among them. This is not surprising today but it would have been before the season. The 10 wide receivers who made the cut after listed after the jump:

Austin Carr Northwestern University WR
Corey Davis Western Michigan University WR
Amba Etta-Tawo Syracuse University WR
Carlos Henderson Louisiana Tech University WR
Isaiah “Zay” Jones East Carolina University WR
John Ross University of Washington WR
Taywan Taylor Western Kentucky University WR
Trent Taylor Louisiana Tech University WR
James Washington Oklahoma State University WR
Dede Westbrook University of Oklahoma WR
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    Unfortunate for Juju but for the benefit of the team, we finally have a quarterback that spreads the ball around.

    • Clay Russell

      I can’t believe you wore the same outfit to the party.

  • Independent_George

    JuJu is a great college player, but as a receiver and as an NFL prospect, he might be ranked a bit below Woods and Lee and Agholor.

    JuJu is not going to be a first or second round pick. Third round through 5th round, and he can be a bargain for the right team. But what do I know I thought Kessler would not be drafted at all.

    Anyway, he doesn’t have “stretch the field” speed, he doesn’t get great separation, he has lapses in concentration, but he runs well in the open field and he does have a big body and he knows how to use it.

    The things is that Rogers, with those enormous paws of his, has better hands. And Burnett is the best slot receiver USC has had, since, Eric Afholter?


      If he was ” great ” he would have made the top 10 and be a 1st round pick. He’s a good college player.

      • Independent_George

        No. This is objectively wrong.

        Are you saying Matt Leinart was not a great college player? Or Robert Woods and Marquise Lee? All-American Ryan Kalil? They were drafted in the second round. Fred Davis? Third Round. Matt Grootegoed? Or Nebraska’s Tommy Frazier, who lead Nebraska to two national titles? Not even drafted.

        This is an objective incorrect statement. Please delete it.



          He’s having a so so year and the team isn’t slowing down one bit, so what does that tell you.

          And don’t tell me what to post and not post you f’ing idiot.

          • Independent_George

            Just looking out for you, making sure you don’t embarrass yourself anymore than you usually do.

            JuJu may not be a great college player. But your statement that if he were great he would be a first round pick is objectively wrong, and you should delete it before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Steve Smith?


      So you say what JuJu doesn’t have and can’t do yet you say he’s a great college WR. You’re brain dead.

      • Independent_George

        Grumpy, you are.

        I think he is great. But I do not pretend to be an expert. Reasonable people can disagree. But you are not reasonable, therefore your disagreement is null.

        No soup for you! NEXT!


    Losing JuJu isn’t going to hurt, he’s a good college player but nothing special. He would be smart to come back for his Sr. season but he won’t, some agent will blow smoke up his fanny and he’ll regret it.

    • JustOwns

      Well if JuJu needs “smoke up his fanny” you’re certainly well equipped to provide that service.

    • Disqus 30

      I kept thinking he’ll play TE at the next level.
      He doesn’t run routes well enough to be a WR in the NFL.

  • Scott

    He was one of the best in the country last year, but I think he’s been hurt a lot of this season.


      He hurt his back a few games ago

  • Helen

    Sounds like a wake-up call.

  • Ray

    Ju Ju is not having a good year I forgot he is still on the team. He has done some really stupid penalties.

    • JustOwns

      Ray, I can’t believe you posted something in the realm of reality. I agree 100%.

      • Sam Bam

        USC 34 UCLA 20

        That will be your reality Saturday night.

  • schammer47

    Put Ju-Ju and Biggie at safety next year.


      Biggie at safety would help him a lot

    • Sam Bam

      Not so fast my friend (Lee Corso)

      Biggie just played the most complete game of his career. There’s still hope with Biggie Marshall.

      • schammer47

        Did Father Lee Corso agree with my suggestion ? Sam Bam, I haven’t seen Ju-Ju separate himself from opponent coverage since Mid-2015. Maybe double coverage has broken his spirit to such an extent that he is going at 100 %. Probably not a quality NFL wide out, IMO, but, teamed up with Biggie at safety, could be an NFL blockbuster. Agree 100%, Biggie played with smart, intensely effective coverage during the entire UW game. But next year, with Adoree and Jack Jones at the corners, Ju-Ju and Biggie “downfield”, I believe Clay Pendergast’s defense would play for and win the 2017 NCAA National Championship..

        • Sam Bam

          Juju’s attitude or ego has changed him. If SC used Biggie like Florida State used Jalen Ramsey we would have a tough defense next season with Jack Jones playing CB and this only works if SC signs Kendall Sheffield so he can take over for Adoree. But I think Biggie will eventually be a stud next season.
          I wouldn’t hate him playing safety.

          • schammer47

            Of course, I’m assumimg Adoree stays which is a long-shot at best. Juniors leaving the ranks early has been a problem with me since Lendal’s early departure. What a bummer that was !!!

          • Sam Bam

            Adoree staying would be great.

  • Sam Bam

    Tough break but that the way his season has gone. He showed up Max Browne at Stanford and a few plays later dropped a crucial touchdown pass because he tried to look flashy and catch with one hand.
    He made gestures to Sam Darnold saying throw it further and broke the huddle before the play was even called against Colorado.
    Juju is not the same kid we remember.
    I hope he plays his best football going forward but his ways have finally caught up with him. This is an ego check for him.