USC Morning Buzz: Which Quarterback Transfers In 2019?

corralSo the surprising news San Clemente quarterback Jack Sears switched his commitment to USC on Sunday night means the Trojans have a top prospect from the Class of 2017. And maybe it surprised five-start quarterback Matt Corral, who is also committed and from the Class of 2018.

Let’s say Sam Darnold stays two more years, though at this rate he could easily turn pro after next season. Sears and Corral would compete for the job no later than 2019. Which one is the Max Browne?  Who will transfer after not winning the job? You don’t think both of them want to watch someone else start do you?

At least this time Clay Helton won’t have to name one the starter because they already have their degree and could transfer without sitting out a la Browne.

  • Uncle Rico

    Every good program has this same scenario. Don’t act like this is unique to USC. Would you prefer USC be like UCLA and have a walk on waiting in the wings?

    • Helen

      The Blogger is whining about having too many good QB prospects. Mora is going to lose his job because he banked on one QB and has no one prepared in case of injury.

  • Helen

    Note to Blogger: we are in the middle of the 2016 season so there’s no need to worry about the 2019 season now.

    Focus. Focus. Focus.

    • MSK

      No doubt. Way too premature and let’s see who actually signs. Verbals make a program (really the fan base) feel good but ultimately mean very little as recruits flip flop all the time and often multiple times. I have great confidence in CH and staff as recruiters, but there’s no honor in honoring a verbal anymore.

  • Old Trojans never die

    And what about Fink? Where will he be?

    • USC Owns LA Football

      At the bench, probably.

      • steveg

        Fink is from the same mold as Darnold, perhaps not quite the stud linebacker type. If I remember right, when Darnold committed most everyone had no idea who he was.

        • USC Owns LA Football

          Yes, but many people in the know considered Darnold to be the best QB from his class. What has given him a lower rating than he deserved was a concussion he suffered in his Sr. year.

          • Independent_George

            No. This is incorrect. Many people in the “know” considered Josh Rosen and Ricky Town, Blake Barnett, Travis Jonsen (Waller) and Brady White to be better. In fact, there was quite the debate when Darnold committed because at the time he was a three-star and Town had committed. If this blog had an adequate search engine, you will discover that when Darnold committed, Scottie lamented that USC was becoming THree-Star U”.

            Stop with the revisionist history.

          • peter

            SW went on one of his Why! Why! Rants.He devoted quite a few weeks criticizing Darnolds

          • Independent_George

            Actually, looking back, Scott was more “ambivalent” than negative. Some of the illustrious geniuses who live here didn’t fare so well:

            “Arturo • 2 years ago
            Interesting player. I like that he has a big enough frame that if he doesn’t pan out at QB, he could switch positions. He and Greene are alike in that sense.”

            Me You • 2 years ago
            I just see another Max Wittek. And look at how horrible the defense plays. No discipline. I do hope he’s a great one.

            Trogan Fan • 2 years ago
            7-win Sark aiming for the stars! 3 stars that is!

            88 Straight • 2 years ago
            From the bench? Or from the next team he joins after he transfers? He is unlikely to be more than a backup.

            In fairness, Owns did get it partially right:

            Just Owns • 2 years ago
            This guy is a FB player. But whether he can last a full 12 game Pac-12 Conf. season w/o injury is the question. This guy is a huge target and he doesn’t seem to mind initiating contact. That works for SD in HS games, but won’t work as well in college FB.

          • peter

            Going completely on my memory( im 65 so),SW question “why” when other QB’s were either not commited or could be flipped we took Sam.
            Wolf’s TMZ reports are his style. This blog is held together by each one of us,not SW.If there was a truly informative,inside ,non bias(good with the bad reporter)…This blog would explode .


      Fink ??? The guy isn’t very good, he’s a shorter Browne

    • gotroy22

      At the river?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Seems like you guys have managed QB talent fairly well and often these things tend to sort themselves out on the field. Who was the QB in the same class as Darnold and Rosen that transferred immediately? Probably never hear from that guy again. It’s not like you let the good QB transfer out.

    • USC Owns LA Football

      Hey, that’s certainly a very wise way of looking at it. Are you sure you’re a bRuin? You sound way too smart to be one. lol.

    • Sam Bam

      That kid was scared off and overrated. Ricky Town. Cool name but he quit after 3-4 days.

      • SCgrad12

        Ricky Town is going to be playing at Ventura College next season. Maybe he and the Baby QB will meet in an epic battle.

        • Sam Bam

          He already quit on Arkansas? That was quick.

  • Mrhawaii

    Scott, take your meds!!! It’s a good problem to have!!!!

  • Pete Smith

    What about the defensive and offensive lineman

    • USC Owns LA Football

      Perhaps, they’ll be drafted from the NFL.

    • MSK

      Some pretty good commits so far but clearly needs work. Still 7 scholarships left and I’m sure the coaching staff knows where it needs to focus. What I don’t know is whose on the bench now that can step up on either line next year? Had an amazing 2015 recruiting class as I recall so whose up next?


        Losing at top CB from Fresno to Utah doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the staff to get what it needs, especially when you read that they are after a JC WR. DL, DL, DL !!!!!!!!!!!


      Yeah, they are kind of important aren’t they ?

  • Fight On Forever!!

    Bama voted unanimous AP #1 for the first time all season even though they have clearly been the best team for weeks. Which voter, in an attempt for attention and controversy, had their head up Jim Harbaugh’s butt and had the unproven Michigan Wolverines at #1 instead? Our dear old blogger.

    • steveg

      Another example of “experts” having to say they were wrong, being to egotistical to change their vote and denying the reality, like USC at 19.

  • Independent_George

    Fink most likely.

    Darnold is gone after next year. I am sure that went into Sears thought process.

    Maybe Corral goes elsewhere, but USC gets it’s QB drafted. I mean, if Cody Kessler can be a third round pick . . .


      Darnold would be smart to stay for his Jr year, but $$$$$ talks.

      • SUCLA

        That would be nice so the fans could make some $$$$$.

      • Saul Goodman

        Smart like Leinart, Barkley, and Hundly?

        • tim chaney

          excellent point. sell high…

    • Sam Bam

      Darnold proved that competing goes a long ways and it may serve well for USC with having Sears and later Corral. Darnold came to SC and beat out Rick Town who was the higher ranked QB and later beat out a RS Junior who was the Gatorade player of the year. Helton and even Darnold will use this pitch from here on with our recruits.

  • Cloud Shaman

    SW admitting Clay Helton will still be the coach then.

    • Helen



    I’d like to see Helton & Co recruit some beef on the D-line, right now it looks very thin

  • Helen

    I think it’s time to recognize the job BKU has done with the defensive line this year. We lost our top two DTs (maybe one will still return this year) and made the DL into a force. Now if he can also work that magic on the recruiting trail and stock the shelves.

    • Sam Bam

      I agree. He’s slowly but surely made this DLINE effective, but more so in the last 3 games. Now I’m not yet sold on his recruiting. Its not bad but not really too good either. I’m hoping he hits one out before signing day.

      • peter

        Theres a big DL from Utah ,SLC 300# Poly kid (?Futu) they have been must get for a while.Hes been to USC twice lately unofficially.

        • Sam Bam

          Jay Tufele? He’s a stud but I’m not sure where we stand with him. I would take him in a minute but I think we are behind Ohio State, and Utah.

          • peter

            From Rivals, the interest by 2017 recruits after Saturday has gone ballistic..Major commitments to other programs are looking at official visits now. Guy’s who before had no interest who at least want to check it out.From the point of a recruit and his family who watched the game. Heard the ringing endorsement the broadcasters gave the coaches.We will have to really revisit recruiting,and who is commited.

          • Sam Bam

            With the Washington victory and wins over UCLA and Notre Dame we will have plenty of options arise. I agree we may have shuffle some commitments around.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      I hadn’t expected too much from him but bid Stevie T, the transfer from Utah has been great plugging up the middle. Too bad but he will have to be replaced next year.

  • Fred Sampson

    If these quarterbacks are all division I starters, then they better admit to themselves if they can win a starting position on the USC roster. Because if they leave that decision up to a coaching staff , then it might be too late to establish yourself at another University. I’m not one of those people who call a player a coward, because he sees the writing on the wall, and wants to transfer as oppose to competing for a no win situation. That was Pete Carroll’s thing, and I thought it was unfair.

  • Helen

    Fact of the Day:

    USC has played 4 teams in the current AP Top 12.

  • David Keeling

    Sheesh…. why is there a rush to push Darnold out the door in 1 or 2-years, Scott Wolf? If you are trying to yank our chains, you got me on this one.

    • Helen

      It’s the old glass-half-full agenda of the Blogger. Next he will whine about how USC “wasted” Darnold’s redshirt year by not starting him last year.

  • Helen

    Kudos to Coach Helton for personally continuing to recruit Sears and attend his games.


    Here we go with this stiff Qb liking again. No thank you to either one. Usc needs to stay away from both of the Qbs. Smh lol. Repeat no more Browne’s. Usc needs mobil Qb’s. Pocket passer no legs yall out of your minds!

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Maybe a Nelson / Beathard regime…or the 1995-6 q/b’s?