USC Morning Buzz: Colin Cowherd Executes A Perfect Flip-Flop

Colin Cowherd’s selective amnesia is amazing even by sports-talk radio standards. USC is proud to promote the above quote from Cowherd. So let’s reach all the way back to late September and see what Cowherd was saying:
“Clay Helton’s just not ready . . . It’s a bad staff. You gotta to clean house. You don’t have to fire him now but it’s just not working . . . You gotta make a move because there’s other jobs coming open like LSU and they’ll take the best candidate.”
Talk about a wind sock. He literally counts on the listener to never remember. Oh, and regarding Helton being national coach of the year. Does Cowherd even consider Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre? The Buffaloes were 4-9 and 1-8 last season and are currently No. 9 in the College Football Playoff rankings. But Cowherd’s Manhattan Beach buddies are USC fans, so no one else exists in the South Bay bubble.

  • 04Trojan

    Colorado played 22 games last season? And wouldn’t it be “outside” of your so-called “South Bay bubble?” Flow, you need to slow down when you’re angry and all that negativity starts spewing out.

  • Mrhawaii

    Leave it to the Blogger to play the sour grapes card.

  • Pete Smith

    For what its worth coach Helton gets my vote if he winds big on Saturday.

  • Uncle Rico

    Scott he likes USC and you despise USC. His choice has gotten him the #1 rated sports talk show in the country plus numerous TV gigs. That comes with lots of money and high powered friends. Your choice has reward you with a blog and a lonely position in a dying industry with lots of missing UCLA trolls as followers.

    • LamontRaymond

      The green-eyed monster has gotten ahold of our favorite blogger.

  • Fred Sampson

    People have to acknowledge the situation at hand, and the circumstances surrounding it. So if USC is playing like crap, and the coach has no history of success , then Colin Cowherd was justified with his first assessment . But SC did improve, didn’t it, so why can’t Cowherd acknowledge that, too ?

    • steveg

      I think we all agree with you Fred, all except Wolf. He doesn’t accept change, at all. If he votes for someone to be #20, that will be his vote all season.

    • Ray

      That is too logical Fred for SW.

    • party_opponent

      It’s almost as if Cowherd changed his opinion based on new information.

    • MSK

      Agree completely. He didn’t flip flop. He changed his opinion based on changed circumstances. It’s called being objective. Refreshing.

    • Arturo

      I was flip-flopping also. Takes a big person to admit they’re wrong.

    • j metaphor

      Do you think SoCal would have won more games if Helton hadn’t started Max Browne?
      Is that good coaching?

      • Fred Sampson

        They lost three games for lack of toughness

        • j metaphor

          Not because they didn’t start Darnold?

          • Fred Sampson

            Everyone has a different opinion, and who knows if Sam Darnold would have made the difference. But until USC shores up their line of scrimmage, they will always have problems with physical teams

  • Alvarado

    ‘The Princess’ has gotten slapped with a two year suspension – ncaa dot org dated yesterday poor corrupt Irish

    Kelly et al. all wins vacated 2012- 2013….bet those humps wish they could dump this year

    • Ray

      Maybe Sark or Kiffen will take the Neutre Damn job when it opens, hehehe. I believe it will be opening soon.

      • Alvarado

        They are desperate to be discussed nationally as ‘the’ football program with the longest legacy that is also relevant today. They’re not relevant – they haven’t been even with that since 2012 when they were exposed for the rigged way they were given the slot for the ‘nc’.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    While I do agree that Cowherd’s opinions change with the wind and he does come off as very condescending, we can always count on Wolfie to be consistent.
    The Trojans could win four straight championships and Wolf would still be focused on the negative.

    • USC jojo

      Wolf would say they were the first team to win four titles with the worst coaching staff.

      • Globehead

        Not to mention some of the games they won on the way to the championships started at 7:30.

    • Evil Robot

      Yes, Wolf is totally consistent, after boasting about how he never has and never will listen to Colin Cowherd, he now does the bi-weekly Cowherd review.

      I’ll go ahead and assume that he’s still on board with his endorsements of Art Briles and Charlie Strong for the SC job.

  • Ignore_the_trolls

    At least he might be able to admit he was incorrect in his initial assessment. Unlike the blogger.

  • DMH63

    The first 4 weeks of the season and the last 7 have been sort of a FLIP-FLOP.. The media and those close to USC, including the large fanbase were wanting results based off the talent on the football team. From all accounts Helton was dead in the water, moving into game 4 in Utah. The change to Darnold, staff getting the players on board with the system and not to mention early injuries and off the field issues.

    All in All, Clay Helton and his inexperienc

  • eyeful

    Please. Let’s wait until the end of the season to name the Coach Of The Year.

    • Fred Sampson

      I agree, and being a big USC Football fan doesn’t make me a homer, so Clay Helton isn’t going to get a automatic vote for Coach of the year from me. Because SC is suppose to be where they are right now, but Mike MacIntyre has surprisingly brought Colorado to new heights, a year early.

      • Trojan5

        IMO Mike McIntyre is national coach of the year. What he has done with the CO program is nothing short of great. This years results alone warrant his selection. Helton is to be commended for the teams improvement as the year has played out. But his decision, no matter how well thought out, to play Max Browne was a mistake. That mistake is impacting SC’s ranking and will possibly deny them a PAC 12

        • Fred Sampson

          That’s one of the main reasons why I wouldn’t give it to Clay Helton, because his poor decision not to start Sam Darnold was based on emotion, not performance. And because USC put an inexperienced Coach in a position to learn as he goes, it may have cost the Trojans a chance at the playoffs.

          • Jack B


            Was the decision CH made based on emotion – his well-meaning desire to give an upper classman a shot, knowing Darnold had three more years?

            Or was the decision a calculated move to keep Browne from transferring and make sure we didn’t head into the season with only 1 capable QB – even though our only capable QB all along was Darnold?

            Either way, it damaged the team and USC is paying the price right now.

            Emotion vs calculation? Which was it, or was it the always plausible combo of the two?

          • steveg

            Is loyalty an emotion? He showed loyalty to his qb that had worked hard and paid his dues. In my book that counts for something. It is really refreshing to have a HC that has integrity.

          • Jack B

            We all understand there are many of you who are glad CH started Browne and feel it somehow elevates his stature as a HC.

            There are also many of us who acknowledge that CH obviously started the wrong QB and it without question cost us any chance of beating STAN, as was proven on the field.

            I don’t find it “refreshing” to throw away a game against a big, recently dominating rival that USC could have beaten with Darnold.

            In the meantime, Browne is now the bench sitter and reduced to handing off the ball when games are already over, his senior year going to complete waste if playing time is his priority.

            Your camp and my camp will never agree on this. It’s been gone over ad nauseam.

            I’m just happy Swann told CH to make the switch after the STAN beat down because otherwise, CH might have continued to start Browne and delayed USC’s progress even further.

          • steveg

            Placing me in the wrong pigeon hole there buddy. Browne was not the best choice for QB, no doubt. I did not say it was refreshing to lose, nor did I say Browne was the best choice, I simply said, Helton was loyal to someone. That he has integrity is something the program has been missing, which I am sure even you will agree with. Your conjecture of what Helton may have done without Swann is simply that. I think we both are very happy about where USC is right now, lets enjoy the ride.

          • Jack B

            I know for a fact Swann told CH to make the switch, so you’re wrong. That’s not conjecture. And if Swann didn’t think CH needed his advice, he would have stayed out of it.

            CH screwed up or Swann wouldn’t have needed to step in. He also gave him other advice about the program’s direction and coaching that was sorely needed at the time, especially after Darnold came out with his post-STAN game comments about the team.

            I guess CH forgot that integrity also means starting the best players, which is what is promised to every USC player coming in. You conveniently forget that CH flunked that part of the integrity test.

            I’m just glad we had Swann to school up CH here, because he was definitely out of his depth against STAN. 52-6 is all on CH as well. USC was unprepared and could have at least made a game of it with Darnold, and we would have – just like we would now, even though ALA is better.

          • Trojan5

            Agreed. Funny thing is that many people cannot get beyond the mistake and acknowledge any of the positives that have occurred this season. They seem to think that recognizing improvement erases or excuses the mistake. It does not. The QB decision is without doubt the most consequential of the year, yet it is still one of many that has been made this season. Not all decisions or actions are equal, but they all combine to contribute to the years successes & failures. But damm, the decision to start Sam sure gives us all a chance to wonder about what could have been. Props to those who were in the Max Darnold camp from the beginning.

          • steveg

            There is a whole lot of respect due for Clancy Pendergast. Not only has he turned the USC defense around, he has made it one of the very best in the nation. Keep it up guys.

          • gotroy22

            How about Lynn Swann for AD of the year for coaching Helton up?

  • tomas89

    Scott, what is your beef with the USC Football program??? Are you paid extra money to pile on the negativity? Give it a rest!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Cowherd = Manhattan Beach bubble

    The Blogger = Fontana Bubble

    • Saul Goodman

      Actually, it’s a Whittier bubble

      • UCLA Dynasty

        I have a hard time believing that schlub could afford Whittier.

  • Eastern Ave.

    SW = warped frustrated fish wrap hack…

  • Eastern Ave.

    Faith, Family and Football is what Clay Helton brought to these young men.

    They got whacked in September, they stumbled and utterly fell.
    They got up they waited on Sam “Mojo” Darnold, they renewed their strength.
    Coach Clay got the young men to mount up with wings like eagles. They continue this run and will not be weary.
    They are walking through the schedule and will not faint!

    So yeah Clay Helton should be recognized. Can I get an Amen?!
    Faith, Family, Football!!!

    • DMH63


      • Sam Bam

        #1 JUCO TE Jeremy Patton will be visiting this weekend also.

        • DMH63

          I just read that.. Would be addition..

          • Sam Bam

            He’s a big time NFL prospect from what I heard. He’s committed to Arkansas, but will take a visit and decide where he will play two days after. That sounds kind of odd. That can’t be good news for Arkansas.

          • DMH63

            Especially if he likes how the TE’s work in the system.. The current offense is playing much better while spreading the ball around.

          • steveg

            Lets see, Arkansas or So Cal. Tough choice. All he has to do is look at the song girls, done deal.

          • Sam Bam

            Agreed. He’ll be a Trojan by Tuesday.

    • SucKiffin

      That will last until Darnold leaves and the PAC gets better. Gomer is a short timer

  • Jack B

    Unfortunately, SW always views himself as the bitter put-upon outsider. So, he is. And now he’s resentful of Manhattan Beach USC fans who are referred to as Colin’s “buddies.”

    Well, deal with it SW. SC’s good again. Nothing SW can do about it except whine and show how jealous he is of other journalists who have actually made it and advanced far beyond the level that SW ever will.

    • Trojan5

      Remember, SW always positions himself to say “I told you so”. When or if SC falters or even appears to falter he can remind everyone that he alone did not drink the cool aid & he was right all along. Trouble is that every team, every coach & every program falters at some point. Most observers recognize that 2 things can be equally true. IE Helton has righted the ship & the team has improved—& if it fails in the future the failure will be real, as was the previous success. SW seems to live in a world where each event is independent of other events and by living in that world his preferred event ( or narrative ) takes center stage. At one time Kiffin was the center of his attention & everything else was unimportant. When Sark came onboard he became the object of SW’s attention. Right now his obsession is Sam Darnold. In SW’s mind everything & I mean everything is the result of Sam .. Almost every observer agrees that Sam is the lynch pin of the current success SC is experiencing. But equally true , most observers can recognize the contributions & improvements the rest of the team has made. But not SW. I do not know of one person who has played beyond the HS level who does not state categorically that to win an entire team has to contribute and if not success will not come. As good as Tom Brady is, he cannot do it alone & he says it often and loudly. Would NE be as good without him?–no. Just as SC isn’t as good without Sam Darnold. But if Sam did not have teammates helping him , he wouldn’t be as successful either.

  • Ken Hart

    Maybe he can “flip” you and “flop” you and “execute”…well, maybe not that. Whoever you gather with for thanksgiving try not to be a negative Nancy and spoil everyone’s Thanksgiving meal.

    • TireBiter

      SW: this turkey is dry and overcooked. I told you in my tweet of the day three days ago that it would be and I was right. Cowherd said the turkey would be juicy and perfect, and he was wrong as usual! If Sam Darnold made the turkey it would be a winner, but no, Kiffin made it and its terrible. Sark made the mash potatoes and they are lumpy and cold. I told you so weeks ago on Petros and Money!


    Cowturd won’t have SW on his show, that’s what this is all about

  • Fred Sampson

    I read that Jimbo Fisher was offered the LSU job this morning, does that leave the door open for Lane Kiffin at Florida State ?

    • Jack B

      Fisher was offered the job and recruited for the position hard last year and has had an offer since the very day Miles was fired this year.

      Fisher is the guy LSU has always wanted and if he takes the job, it will create a very interesting set of falling coaching dominoes in CFB.

      • Trojan5

        Until or unless Kiffin gets a HC job I think he would be wise to stay right next to Saban. As long he is with Saban, Kiffin will have a buffer between him & the press and will also be part of a winner & he is out of the spotlight. All of those things are a positive for him. However as soon as he leaves Saban , he becomes the center of attention—history has proven it is not a good place for him. Has he learned anything from Saban? Time will tell.

        • Jack B

          Big question indeed. Was the Kiffer ever capable of being rehabbed from his d*ckhead self or his he terminal as HCing material? Some day we will know because he’ll definitely get a good shot somewhere, especially since Haden looks so bad now.

        • SucKiffin

          Saban is sick of Kiffin … he took the ahole because they have the same agent. Kiffin isn’t getting a FlorSt type job, those people like winning and that dysfunctional loser is not a winner … a front running mooch yes

  • Sam Bam


    Both Colin Cowherd and Joe Katt admitted yesterday on air about being wrong on Clay Helton.

    • SucKiffin

      Get Cowy to admit being wrong about his boy friend Sarky lol …

      • Sam Bam

        Now that will never happen.

  • DMH63

    My post was removed..I guess its ok to point fingers at Cowherd and criticize him but, not ok to take constructive criticism from others.. Very sad Scott.. Truth hurts!

  • Chandler

    Sounds like an angry blogger mad at an uber successful person. Not a good look Wolf.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Hey – The Blogger removed my Mr. Potter reference from
    “It’s a Wonderful Life”.. is he that thinned skinned? What gives?
    “Warped frustrated old man” – Warped frustrated fish wrap hack.
    No appreciation for Jimmy Stuart films? UN-American…

    Football is fun

  • jim

    I seem to remember Wolfie constantly bagging on Pete Carroll, calling him “Caeser”. He even predicted that PC would be fired after 3 years in Seattle. You don’t hear much about that anymore from Wolf.

  • SucKiffin

    Isn’t it Coach of the Year ? Gomer didn’t start coaching til almost mid-year … or when Swann said play Darnold

  • Arturo

    My woulda-coulda-shoulda for today:
    That defense was lights out for the better part of the first half versus Bama. Jalen Hurt’sTD pass turned that game around but if Darnold starts and puts up one TD instead of a FG that game would’ve been 10-7 going into halftime.
    Nick Saban saw and recognized how talented SC was/is and even said so afterward. I’m not saying SC woulda won but that game is much closer than the final scoreboard.

  • BetterReporting

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • j metaphor

    Is it true Colin utilizes weed-whackers to trim his eyebrows?