George Lucas Chooses Exposition Park For New Art Museum

A rendering of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

USC graduate George Lucas chose Los Angeles over San Francisco as the site for his $1 billion art museum. The site is near the Coliseum, in an area that faces Vermont Blvd. and Exposition Blvd. As I look at the site, it seems parking is going to take a hit for football games.

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  • TireBiter

    Thanks again for the negative analysis…

  • MSK

    This is great for the area and USC.

    • Krystal

      I guess, for some, it’s inconceivable to consider subterranean parking. And what the heck, a museum is used 300 days annually vs parking for 6 home games…

  • Jack B

    This is great for USC. Everything is happening around SC now, in many ways. Nothing like a billion-plus dollar futuristic museum spectacle from one of the Trojans’ most famous alums practically right on campus.

    Terrific news. Also fantastic to beat out San Francisco for this amazing project.

  • Sas…A.K.A…SamBam

    I will be there soon when it opens up!

    • Arturo

      I am your father.

  • Arturo

    My kids already love the CA Science Center, Natural History Museum, Afro-American History Museum area. They love Star Wars too.

  • JustOwns

    Well I suppose after almost of decade of trying to peddle a museum dedicated to Georgie Boy’s film exploits, the museum finally lands in bozouville.

    I once rented “Star Wars” and ejected it 1/3 in. The Sci Fi production values were cartoonish and storyline/script/dialogue for sugar drunk kids.

    • Never was a fan of Star Wars and never was a fan of

      • JustOwns

        Walnut, you’ve always made the mistake of being yourself.

  • Alvarado

    Looks just like the repetitive hackneyed plots this clown has cruised on for nearly 40 years – why didn’t SFO take this mess? My gosh it is awful looking and so Lucasian – what 4 films?

  • Pasadena Trojan

    They should have built the museum right where that soccer dump is going to be. What a waste of space, a soccer stadium.

  • Larry Harris

    “As I look at the site, it seems parking is going to take a hit for football games.”
    Ya think?
    Very astute observation.
    Those who infer that you do nothing other than howl at the moon will have to rethink their position. You ‘da man!…due to your your incredible insight.