• Helen

    Nobody in their right mind would rank UW higher than USC.

    Looks like the coaches mostly went by won-loss records.

    I wonder if Kiffin got a vote at FAU?

    • USCFan75

      Or Ohio State above Penn State.

    • steveg

      Sounds like this is where Wolf should be voting as little sense as it makes.

    • carter

      Totally agree.
      Oklahoma #3, USC #4, PSU #5, FSU #6, UW #7, osu #8.
      Sure wish JuJu and Adoree would stay around one more season to create more emphasis to recruits that OL and DL is where help is really needed for the Trojans to be #1 next year.

      • Helen

        I actually glad to see JuJu move on to the NFL. There is a pipeline of exciting WRs coming and JuJu staying would block their development and contributions. USC will be stronger at WR next year and Darnold will spread the ball around..

        I’m still holding out hope for Adoree returning.


    It’s official. The George Lucas $1 billion museum will be built next to the Coli!
    Haden really needs to find a legal way to tear down the Coli and build a new Coli that will tie in with all the new development!

  • Alvarado

    That;s where a program jealous of others rising or resurgent success can throw a wrench in by voting who they envy lower.

    Do Mora or Kelly get to vote in that poll?

  • Scott

    I agree with Helen. No prob with OK at #3, but we should be ahead of the Huskies.

    Whoda thought this after the 1-3 start, eh? Nice job Trojans!

  • Arturo

    That’s because it is easier for these coaches to recruit against SC if they are ranked lower.