rose-bowl-shirtsUSC appears to be the first three-loss team ranked No. 3 in the AP Top 25 poll. You could cite the nine-game winning streak or thrilling Rose Bowl victory. But another factor is USC just sucks up a lot of attention because it is USC. That always account for a rankings boost.

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  • LAfan

    Blogger knows about sucking and attention. I defer to the expert.

    • 04Trojan

      Funny again. I like your style.

      • Drain the IE Swamp

        Grade school humor?

        • I don’t recall you flooding this blog with any style of humor, Drains, or perhaps it is your watered down use of facts that is as close to a tearful use of humor as you are capable of approaching.

    • Drain the IE Swamp

      The flag is up!

      • LAfan

        You cry a lot.

        • Drain the IE Swamp

          I never cry

        • Hector of Troy

          He’s the Barney Fife of Inside USC. Citizen’s Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest!

  • schammer47

    Wolfie, It’s all suck up attention ?……No, Wolfbag. Not at all. USC earned the Number 3 Ranking on the Field of Play by defeating the Nation’s Number 4 Team, the Nittany Lions of Penn State. You and the Coaches who voted SUCKED big time, but not our University of Southern California Trojan 2016 Football Team. FIGHT ON !!!

    • 04Trojan

      Flow LOVES Michigan.

    • marvgoux1

      So the lesson is if you are going to lose 52-6, do it the first game of the season.

      • Jack B

        It doesn’t hurt to humble frontrunner UW in Seattle, slaughter both ucla and ND and then beat the nation’s other hottest team in the country with a 17-0 come-from-behind run and a walk-off FG. Nice.

      • RegalTrojan

        There’s no way we would lose to Alabama now with that score with Darnold at QB. As a matter of fact, it would’ve been really interesting if we played them in the PO.

        • marvgoux1

          Yes too bad Helton stuck with Browne so long.

          • RegalTrojan

            Hate to say it, but Browne should never have started.

        • steveg

          After watching all the bowl games I am convinced USC has the best QB in the nation. PSU has a pretty good one too but to arrogant. Hope he learned some humility. Bam, homerun.

          • RegalTrojan

            As Kirk Herbstreit called it during the Rose Bowl game, Sam is in another galaxy right now.

          • SucKiffin

            Herbie was in another galaxy and up Snark’s big rear during the title game … that shameful blowing of Sarky was pathetic.
            Sarky is a born loser period Herbie , nothing more.

  • 04Trojan

    “Accounts?” Flow, you’re a total Negative Nelly.

    • Not to mention the incorrect use of ‘account’ instead of ‘accounts.’

      • 04Trojan

        That’s what I was going for.

  • Billy Jean

    Just wonder if a certain writer got his job BECAUSE he went to USC?

  • LamontRaymond

    The national media doesn’t have this over-inflated sense of “USC” like you always assert, Scottie. In fact, they do everything they can to NOT give SC the benefit of the doubt in these beauty-contest situations. And it’s why there has been little outcry about our Bush-related sanctions and the fact that no other school has gotten anything close to what we got. That #3 ranking was simply earned – no more, no less.

    • JustOwns

      Not so. the same people had Washington ranked in the top five. There is zero chance bozo u would’ve defeated Clemson on at neutral site and we know bozo u didn’t defeat Alabama at a neutral site.

      I might agree bozo u is # 10 thru 7 but no way do the bozos deserve top 3 ranking.


        if only we could find a way to muster up 4 wins in a season…

        • JustOwns

          True, UCLA did lose 8 games last season. However, in every 2016 loss the Bruins managed a TD or two.

          FOtv, can bozo u say that?

          And BTW FOtV, not once in the Bruin 4 – 8 loser season did UCLA kick a 40+ yard FG down 36 points. LOL.

          Has Osa been convicted?

          • RegalTrojan

            2-7 in 2016. 1-8 in 2017. 0-9 in 2018 and beyond! LOL!

          • steveg

            Block the idiot and enjoy the blog. I haven’t seen anything of his in weeks.

          • RegalTrojan

            Got no reasons to. I’m really enjoying this individual’s pouting out jealousy against SC. I’m sure it’s a form of extreme envy. LOL!

          • SoCalGreg2014

            Whatever happened to Ishmael Adams and his deal with allegedly robbing an Uber driver. Fortunately, they couldn’t prove the allegations against your punter…what about Paul Richardson, Shaquille Richardson and Josh Shirley and their adventures? I guess my point is that throwing stones in a loser program’s glass house is never a good idea..

            You say Bush, I say Sam Gilbert. Although Gilbert’s interactions with numerous UCLA players during “blind eye” Wooden’s tenure was obviously worse…

            Whose face will Mora caress this season?

        • RegalTrojan

          Or “2” wins in the conference! LOL!

      • RegalTrojan

        SUCLA jealousy is a real nasty thing, isn’t it? LOL!

      • DMH63

        Go away 4-8 LOSER!

      • Uncle Rico

        Yes, the sniveling voice of reason.

        • JustOwns

          On a break Ricky, Must be cold out on Hollywood Blvd. tonight.

          But I have to commend you, because there are few performers that can balance a Dog T*rd on the end of their nose for tourist nickels and dimes.

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Squatter, and how do you know so much on rankings when you are a ugly grad and your profession consists of being a pizza delivery guy? See squatter, USC beat Penn St. the #5 ranked team and Washington, the #4 ranked team in the nation. Now, if you take your little slide ruler and calculate that if USC beats #4 and #5, then they should end up being #3. It wasn’t that hard, was it squatter?

  • BelmontJohnny


  • JBKayak

    There was a change of QB in game 4, remember that? The narrative and outlook changed after that. Keep up Scottie!

  • YOLO 4 SC

    And you always no speak correct English

  • Sas…A.K.A…SamBam

    LMAO…..There’s this Bruin Blogger who did a live blog of the Rose Bowl game. The video is all on him as he’s commenting on the game. CLASSIC…..He is going on as we are losing saying “i hope Juju and Adoree leave for the NFL”. He says “i hate USC”. But as the the game gets closer he gets more nervous. It’s so funny. USC’s Miracle Comeback at the end nearly gives this guy a mental break down as he turns into the biggest Bruin loser next to Drain the Swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #Bruin Classic

    I suggest watching the last 5 minutes of the video……

  • Arturo

    Bitter, old coyote.

  • Jack B

    This is fantastic. Like I said, Birdcage is now in a frenzy because USC beat a #4 and a #5 and rightfully sits at #3, with the nation’s #1 Heisman prospect as our QB.

    Such is life for SW. Always on the outside looking in on mighty USC.

    Ya baby! Fight On!

    • Helen

      The Blogger is clearly on the fence and teetering on a complete breakdown with all the positive USC news. Should Helton pull in a Top 5 recruiting class it could be a KO for the Blogger.

      • GreenFox

        Although I’d love a top 5 recruiting class, it’s not shaping up that way. If we break top 10, we’d be lucky. Now the 2018 class is starting off great.

  • Eastern Ave.

    The polls are merely chewing gum for the eyes, with that said…

    Why not “garners” attention?
    But no.
    Our major publication writer pens in the sophomoric manor of a Troglodyte.

    Now that sucks…

    Football is fun!

  • Alvarado

    No Scott – USC ‘sucks up a lot of attention…’ because they win and won –

    ‘The Princess’ would die to have anyone believe they’re going forward. They garner the same misplaced national attention year after year but they can’t because they have a lousy head coach and can’t win.

    ‘The Princess’ loves to wax about it’s academic standards but looks the other way per Vanderbilt and Stanford again they have a lousy head coach.

    They don’t have to play a CCG but they have a lousy coach

  • TrojanProf

    Big drop from 2 to 3! 46 pts worth of drop.

  • JustOwns

    Just saw ESPN CFB plays to the year. No bozo u plays in the top 10. However, the Penn St. 79 yard Rose Bowl TD run made the list at #5 or 6.


    • Eastern Ave.


      • JustOwns

        Absolutely E. Ave. bozo u, all yap and little results.

  • David Keeling

    Let’s face it, Helton “must” score big in recruiting linemen (both lines but especially D), DB & LB positions this next class. He has to or the team will be in shambles after 2017 talent & depth-wise.

    • SucKiffin

      Darnold leaves and it’s 1991 or early 2016 all over again

  • Ted

    My hero the WoIfman!! Way to work in the eternal truth “USC JUST SUCKS” In to your post.
    WoIfman isn’t the best in the business for nothing!

  • Hector of Troy

    The Harbaugh Homer had USC #8 behind Florida State Oklahoma State and Michigan all 3 loss teams.

  • steveg


  • SucKiffin

    Thanks Sam Darnold. Hopefully the coaches won’t get in your way again next year and you win despite them ( nice D vs PennSt ). After you are gone it’s 1-3 type football again.

  • radioman3

    That always ACCOUNTS (not account) . I would have thought a blogger took an English course or two.