Former USC Asst. Peter Sirmon To Louisville In Weird Coach Trade

Peter Sirmon was the defensive coordinator at Mississippi State. But the Bulldogs announced they hired Louisville defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, which would mean Sirmon is out? But then Louisville announced it hired Sirmon as its defensive coordinator.

It almost sounds like something out of the Lane Kiffin/Steve Sarkisian “failing upward” handbook.

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  • Alvarado

    Any news where Nick Holt is falling up or down towards?

    • SUCLA

      Followed Brohm to Purdue as DC.

      • Alvarado

        That guy was one piece of work…always so calm and reasonable with the lads right?

  • DMH63

    Are you capable of sharing inside info on the 2017 recruiting class rather than posting irrelevant stories on former staffers that are gone.. Come on SW do your job, it is a journalist ..right? .. Sadly you are like the fake news media, trying to be more important than you really are..

    • fryer tuck

      Was that the real SW or a fake SW that posted?

      • DMH63

        Dunt matter ..poor journalism!

    • B.Miller

      Anyone know why USC has not hit the JUCO players for DT’s to come in an play right away?

  • Jack B

    Who the heck cares what Peter Sirmon is doing? Be serious. Birdcage, that’s who. And what does it have to do with either the Kiffer or Sark. Nothing, that’s what.


    The Wolfman is hot today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 04Trojan

      Chaz? Is that you?

  • TireBiter

    Hey flow, how about a Jeremy Bates update?