Beware The Bad Loss

USC basketball is not expected to beat Arizona tonight. But that probably doesn’t really matter for its NCAA Tournament chances. According to respected basketball Ken Pomeroy, who does power rankings on his site,, the Trojans have a different concern.

“They probably can’t afford more than one more bad loss if they want to be safe,” he said.
That makes the Arizona State game this weekend more important.
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  • Globehead

    Is Ken Pomeroy really a respected basketball?

    • steveg

      I do respect Ken as a basketball, always have.

  • schammer47

    As I recall, last year the USC Trojan BB fortunes took a plunge the final half of the PAC-12 regular season. Without injury excuses. Coach Enfield and Team, let’s defeat ASU, Wash State, and the Huskies to finish off the regular season solidly in 6th Place.

    • mark

      If SC wins those 3, they are no worse than 5th, and possibly 4th.

      • schammer47

        mark, Try this on for size. Cal wins their final 3 league games and finish 12-6, one game better than USC’s 11-7. Cal takes 4th Place beating Utah in their second to last game. USC lost to Cal by one point at home. Utah wins their final 3 games, beating Cal, and finish 11-7 with a 22 point victory over USC. Cal finishes 11-7 with a victory over the Trojans coming in 5th Place. Either way, the Trojans finish in 6th Place having lost to both the eventual 4th and 5th finishers. We most likely will make it into March Madness but may very well leave early. Hope this helps.