Man About Town

Lynn Swann attended the Oscars on Sunday night. He was at the Lakers game last night as part of (yet another!) celebration of the Rose Bowl victory. It’s good to be athletic director.

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  • David Keeling

    Far different than striving for political office in Pennsylvania. I’d say Lynn landed on his feet pretty well. By the way (just asking), what has he done to improve the overall athletic program at USC?

    • Alvarado

      He replaced Haden

      • Pasadena Trojan

        Soccer and water polo were in the National Championships, USC was in the Rose Bowl, and other sports are improving. The program is not a cluster bomb with the previous football coaches. He is doing alright.

        • Alvarado

          100% with you and most of all he replaced ‘Pat (Mayr Foundation) Haden’

        • Steve B.

          Swann had no input with those two sports while Haden hired the women soccer Coach.
          He also rode the wave of the football team w/o any contribution. The other sports that you think are improving need overhaul like women BB, women VB, women Tennis, Men VB, and even Baseball has a good ways to go for national respect. Swimming has not won a N/C since the mid seventies for the men. Swann should be at his desk preparing a list for a national search for new coaches to bring these programs up to standard. Let us see if he makes even one move in that direction in the upcoming months.

  • Golden Trojan

    Is he grabbing Oscar’s rear end?

  • Still Doing the Rav Dance

    Jealousy and envy: the hallmarks of an unhappy person.

  • j metaphor

    Yes, the hand placement is disturbing but I’m sure it was just male bonding.
    By the way, anyone notice Swan & Oscar have the same hairdo.