USC Saturday Buzz: A Football-Basketball Stat

West Virginia became the first school to have a 10-win football season and Sweet 16 basketball season today. USC has a chance to do that tomorrow. Florida State, Michigan and Wisconsin also have a chance.

Now ask yourself this: What is the average attendance at each school?

Wisconsin: 17,286

West Virginia 11,375

Michigan: 11,122

Florida State: 8,488

USC: 5,755

So who are all these new USC fans today?

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  • LamontRaymond

    Who had more fans at their bowl game? West Virginia or USC? Go figure. Classic scottie move – attack a building (hoops) program on the way up. Bet on the fact that the trend of winning won’t last. And if it does, you bet on the fact that people won’t remember you were a naysayer at the outset. Guess what? We remember. You’re weak sauce.

    • Uncle Rico

      Just sour puss trying to spoil the fun. Where in the dance.

  • RoseBowlBound

    Wisconsin double the undergraduate enrollment. Blogger too dumb to know that..

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Scooter, your question is confusing. Did you mean the average attendance at school or at a basketball game. Also, what does your question have to do with usc in the playoffs? Sheesh.

    • USC jojo

      That’s about as ‘Inside’ as sw can get.

  • Alvarado

    The same fans that have a lot more to do and options available than are to be found if you live in: Tallahassee-FL, Morgantown-WV, Ann Arbor-MI and Madison-WI.

    Those towns are also many miles from a: MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL franchise.

  • MB

    Exactly zero of those schools outside of SC have a single professional sports team to compete with. All outside of usc are ostensibly college towns with large on-campus student populations. All except for fsu have been deep into the tourney within the last 5-6 years (wisc and um went to the finals). Zero had tbe death penalty applied to their program in the last 6 years outside of usc. Maybe, just maybe, the key difference is that of those schools only usc has a snarky talentless blogger assigned to cover the team with all the zeal, wit, and intelligence of a snow plow.

  • Pete

    Alvarado makes a good point below. 2008 I was in New Orleans to watch the Sugar Bowl, Univ. of Hawaii vs Georgia. I was talking to some LSU fans and I mentioned I lived in L.A for awhile. They asked me why high school football wasn’t as big in California as it is in the Southeast. I gave them a example. I said as far as I know SoCal is the only city I know that, where you go snow sking in the morning, attend a major bowl game in the afternoon and go see a concert or the NBA that night. Other things to do then go see high school football. Can’t do all those things in Tuscaloosa or Baton Rouge…Fight On!

    • LamontRaymond

      HS football NOT big in SoCal? Not sure if that Bayou fan has ever been to an LA suburb on a Friday night before. Sure, the south is the true hotbed of HS football, but SoCal is no slouch!

      • Pete

        Read the quote again Lamont. Not as big is not the same a not big.

  • Sas

    When will SW say Enfield has proved him wrong?