USC-Baylor Thoughts

USC became a fun team to watch during the NCAA Tournament. And its athleticism was again apparent even against Baylor. But the Trojans’ undoing was the final four minutes or so. As happened the past four years, Andy Enfield teams cannot play patiently.

USC is down 76-70 and Bennie Boatwright shoots a 3 from about 30 feet. The Trojans get the rebound and Jordan McLaughlin immediately shoots another 3. Enfield coaches his teams to play one speed. All the time. That hurts USC at the end of games when the clock needs to run down or you need to look for a good, high-percentage shot. That’s why USC lost today. It doesn’t take away from the first two victories but it shows why close games can be frustrating under Enfield. But overall it was a fun three-game ride.

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  • Independent_George

    Scottie, you actually have half of a point. Yes, USC teams play at one speed, but that can also be because we do not have a valid option on the offensive post. Sometimes you have to be able to control the tempo down and grind the ball inside.

    Ad sometimes you need a beast down low so you can play man defense. USC neutralized Motley, but at the expense of double teams which allowed poor shooting guards to get hot by hitting open threes.

    Not sure why that is, but CAE hasn’t has a true big man presence since that Omar Oraby stiff. Next years’ class gives us a little more size, but mainly on the wings.

    • schammer47

      SW, Your summary of the final 4 minutes of the Baylor Game and the Trojan BB Team’s overall performance the final three games of the season were SPOT ON !! Baylor’s late game tight defense that jammed the Trojans outside 3 pointer and Baylor’s surprise late game offense ( Baylor got Lucky when their pathetic 5′ 5″ bench jockey guard takes over the game down the stretch).appeared to be the difference.

      • Independent_George

        And then tthe other guard, who shot 35% from the field for the season, went 4 for 4 from 3pt line.

        Also, Baylor out rebounded USC 43-23, and had 14 offensive rebounds to USC’s four.

        Their is where the game was decided.

        South Carolina beats Baylor. Their defense is tenacious.

  • Uncle Rico

    USC was 15-4 in games decide by 10 points or less. Great theory Mr Wolf.

    • marvgoux1

      Did you miss the Providence game last year?

  • 2DubNetShredder

    Too much can be said here. Let’s keep it real. Good job, coach. They were ready. Let’s get them to all stick around for next season. Can’t wait! Fight On!

    • trojanhogg

      Boatwright and Metu both looked like guys trying to impress NBA scouts this week so I don’t know how hopeful I am of either returning.

      • 2DubNetShredder

        That’s up to them. I don’t see them going any higher in the draft than Jacobs did. Free Agency is a difficult road. They both need at least one more year. Metu needs at least 15 lbs.

      • marvgoux1

        They reported early here they are both history. One and Done is the way of life in NCAA hoops these days.

    • uscr

      They played about as well as they could. Need some additional horses and bench power next year. Pac 12 showing its strength in the tourney

    • marvgoux1

      Get real. They will go for the NBA golden ring.

  • trojanhogg

    Knowing the opponent would’ve been South Carolina instead of Duke makes this loss even tougher now.

    • LamontRaymond

      Hilarious that the moderators knocked out my comment – GameCOCKS happens to be the mascot of South Carolina. Morons. What I said was that I don’t think anyone should be happy to be able to face that team now.

  • Pete Smith

    Boatwrights shot selection at the end of the game was awful. the last 2 three pointers he shot where bad look like he wanted to be the hero no team effort in the last 2 minutes

    • Pasadena Trojan

      I believe his legs were tired and he did not shoot the ball like he had earlier in the game where he was making them.

    • Sas

      I agree, but McLaughlin, Melton and the bench weren’t putting in baskets. It was only a matter of time before Boatwright went Kobe out there.

  • LamontRaymond

    Scottie Wins!!

  • Lynn Langer

    Dangit that Lecompt (sp.?) dude was a Trojan killer starting with that 4pt play. Troy covered with Metu’s jumper at the buzzer. 167 days til kickoff

  • Pete

    USC shot 54% for the game. That usually wins unless you get pounded on the boards. Especially the offense boards like Baylor did. They beat the Trojans 14-6 on the offensive boards. You need to know how to watch a game. The whole game. Not just the end. For some who’s a sports writer, I’m surprised you know very little about your job.

    • Hector of Troy

      He’s too busy trying to do the coaches job.

      • Pete

        This guy is totally irresponsible when it comes to his job. It’s not that he can’t. He won’t.

  • Steve B.

    Team gave up 30 pts. in last 9:48 which was ridiculous. Baylor had only 36 pts. in whole 1st half. Metu falling out of bounds with rebound, and goal tending call costly near the end. He scored great, and sure can hit his free throws for a big man. Hopefully he and Boatwright will return for one more year. They both need some more toughness with muscle added to frame. Let’s face reality, did they beat a Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Villanova, Arizona, Oregon, Kansas even MSU ? The program is downtrodden over the last 63 years with one elite eight as the highlight under Coach Bibby. Maybe Enfield can get them to the promised land of a final four let alone a national title, but he pushes guys out of the program for some reason. You need a Bryce Alford type who stays four years, and knows who he is on the court like Katin Reinhardt could have been this season for the Trojans. The big mistake was not having Sam Darnold on the bench who would have found a way to win ( a little humor for the occassion ).

    • Independent_George

      The idea Enfield pushes kids out of the program is absolutely false.

      McLaughlin and Stewart will be Trojans for all four years. J-Mac is the glue that runs the team. Stewart will be a four year starter.

      Unless he develops into a monster, Racocevic will stay all four years.

      Jonah Mathews will probably stay all four, Aaron will finish out his eligibility at USC, as will Thornton.

      Melton actually has an NBA upside (he is long and he plays defense) and if he can devlop an outside shot and an offensive game, he might go early, but most likely he will stay for three years.

      Reinhardt has been peripatetic since he left high school transfering from UNLV to USC then from USC to Marquette, all for the same reason — Reinhardt shot 27% from the floor in Marquette’s one and done loss, and shot 39% from the floor throughout his career, but for some reason KR thinks he is some kind of sharp-shooting savant. If Reinhardt were on USC we would be complaining about his lack of conscious and his brick-laying.

      • Steve B.

        First year as Coach pushes Byron Wesley out the door who was the leading scorer. Reinhardt almost singly
        handed beat #1 Villanova, but besides that could have been useful during the season. Forward Martin left
        who was a better re bounder than Rakocevic. Just saying players have a tendency to transfer when advised
        of minutes being reduced do to incoming freshman or transfers. Hope everyone stays put for four years which
        is highly unlikely. Enfield got further in the tournament with FGCU. Next year no excuses if Metu and Bennie
        return to team otherwise Coach will be out the door.

  • Arthur Jury

    Disappointed. Game was very winnable. The zone defense broke down and Baylor scored easily. No rotation out to the 3 shooter. Bad shot selection but SC. Good first 36 mins. Had a 5 point lead…….

  • Globehead

    In four seasons has Wolf ever mentioned anything about Enfield teams being impatient? Now because of one bad possession that’s his master theory on what’s wrong.

  • Sas

    Ucla will lose to Princeton. LOL.