So Who Is Leaving?

Chimezie Metu and Bennie Boatwright are the top candidates to go pro early. Both raised their stock during the NCAA Tournament. But this is one of the deepest drafts in years. Their decisions will determine if USC is a special team next year. I always thought Boatwrigjt was more likely to go pro but now it would not surprise if both did.

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  • LamontRaymond

    Let’s face it: they’re not on the level of DeRozan or other lottery picks. If they were smart – and I know they are – they’d follow the Gordon Hayward model – stay for 3 years, really polish their games, and make an argument for the first round in the 2018 draft. By doing that, they’ll actually play under their first NBA contracts, and have a shot at the all-important SECOND contract. See Jordan Clarkson…. By rushing it to the NBA, they’ll make a little money, probably (maybe NBA D-League), but there’s a chance they’d have to go to Europe or elsewhere (Turkey??) to make any serious cash.

  • tim chaney

    see you on the defenders, because neither one is ready…

    • Bruin turned SC fan

      Could not agree more. What is the big rush to turn pro and get lost and hopefully make the JV of Pros (D-League). Stay another year and make yourself a known quantity and then make some money in the pros and just as important actually play at the next level. There is nothing better than college life and so many of these kids who are borderline players regret not staying another year. Don’t make the same mistakes guys!

      • marvgoux1

        What’s the big rush? You can’t be serious. They want to be millionaires.

        • Bruin turned SC fan

          We will need to agree to disagree. I just hate seeing kids with talent go to the NBA too soon and lose out and get paid to some degree, but looking for regular jobs at 25. They are not Lonzo Ball or others that are ready after their freshman year. Look at North Carolina who have many good players who stay 3-4 years.

  • Independent_George

    Bennie seems to be the least ready because he doesn’t have an NBA position he can defend.

    Metu should really spend the year getting stronger and working on a post-up game, but if I had to choose the best NBA prospect of the two right now, I would choose Metu because Metu has defensive skills and Bennie’s skills on D need a lot of work.

  • David Keeling

    Heaven help us if Football ever follows basketball one & done. It just takes a lawyer or two in the right situation to make it happen. Never mind for the good of the game.

  • Lunderful

    If those 2 leave, then Andy starts from scratch….again! O’Bannon is a terrific recruit, but he isn’t enough to get USC into the top half of the conference.

  • Ray

    Question. Of the SC players who left early last year, did any get drafted? I honestly don’t know as I don’t follow basketball much and I’m too lazy right now to look it up, hehe.

    • mark

      SC had 2 players declare for the draft and neither was drafted.
      They also had 4 players transfer.

  • RoseBowlBound

    Boatwrigjt? Is that the new Indian player???

    • LAfan

      It’s Bennie’s less literate cousin.

  • Ever walk down an L.A. street and see the teens and 20-somethings so emersed, absorbed and infatuated with their tiny screens that they have no time to observe, talk or think?

    And then there are the athletes, the guys who were all-important in high school, for all the wrong reasons, and now are pretty important at the college level. If these kids think they have a chance at a million bucks or more they will more than likely jump at the opportunity.

    So the lack of patience and discipline in our youth carries over to the athletes. They are anxious for that money, and who can blame them. But some of them would benefit from another year or so of seasoning in the minor leagues (college) before going pro.

  • Stephen Randel

    Oh, how naive I am, I recall the day when football players and athletes from all sports really esteemed a college degree and placed the acquisition of same first and foremost in their plans before they tried out for the pros. Oh, how unsophisticated we were.

    • marvgoux1

      Back in 1902?

      • Stephen Randel

        1968, not that long ago.

  • Pete Smith

    They are not ready for prime time

  • LAfan

    I suspect Metu is gone, because what impresses the NBA is his size and athleticism, rather than his game. He’s probably already a top 10 pick based on those two factors and unlikely to rise any higher.