USC And Madison Square Garden

If USC had beaten Baylor, it would have played South Carolina in Madison Square Garden (USC vs. USC). The last time I remember USC playing in the Garden was in 1973 in the NIT.

“I want to thank the tournament committee for pairing us with Notre Dame on St. Patrick’s Day,” USC coach Bob Boyd said at the time.

USC was called for 28 fouls and Notre Dame 10 as the Trojans lost, 69-65.

“I’ve never been involved in a game more influenced by calls by officials,” Boyd said. “I think the stats were indicative of that.”

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  • j metaphor

    That’s a funny response from Boyd but there’s nothing funny about the Notre Dame Sports Mafia.
    He must have got that line from McKay.
    Good show, Trojans.
    Thanks for pumping up the Pac 12.

  • schammer47

    SW, USC’s Football Team has more than made up for that atrocious officiating by beaten the 4 Leaf Clover out of ND’s Football Teams, with regularity, since 1967.

  • Sas

    Does anyone think Boatwrights stock went up?

  • Boyd was the best, and his teams were SC’s best.

    • j metaphor

      I think you meant to say “Boyd was second best” didn’t you Walnut?

      • Pasadena Trojan

        No metaphor, Mr. Wolcott was correct. See, Johnny Wooden did something that never should have been allowed or condoned, even after 42 years after his retirement. See, he had one addtiction and that is called, Cheating. He cheated like no other. Remember that and burn it in your memory. That is why he is called, Johnny “Cheetin'” Wooden.

        • j metaphor

          Don’t make yourself sound any more stupid than you are. John Wooden was the best coach in his sport at any level. You don’t need to cheat when the best players in the country come to play for you.
          Coach had only one addiction and that was winning, both as an All-American player and coach.
          I understand why you are bitter, anyone who got handed their lunch handed to them each and every year would have those defeats burned in their memory.