USC Morning Buzz: The Final Four Was Possible In This Regional

USC reawakened the fan base for at least a week with three entertaining games in the NCAA Tournament. What could have been this week if the Trojans won Sunday night? An East Regional without the No. 1 seed (Villanova) or No. 2 seed (Duke)? USC would have been as good as anyone else left in the regional. The Final Four really was possible.

The next two games are at Madison Square Garden, a basketball mecca in the heart of the Big Apple. Wow. It again makes me appreciate the 2001 Elite Eight run highlighted by a victory over Kentucky and that team’s first two games were in Long Island.

Now two things that I tire of hearing already: USC set a school record with 26 victories. It got 13 nonconference victories without playing almost anybody. Check who the 1971 team played in nonconference games here. And let’s not get too excited over two NCAA wins when one of them was in a First Four game. USC also went to the Round of 32 in 2009. No one was this thrilled over that. It went to the Sweet 16 in 2007. I remember excitement over that. Justifiably.

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  • Uncle Rico

    Funny to hear Scott is tired of hearing 2 things.
    #kiffin #Sark #babyqb #ifdarnoldstartedearlier #softschedule #deadhorse

  • Globehead

    Tonight on “On The Negative Side”, Mr. Wolf will be discussing soft roads to the final four, soft non-conference schedules and whether or not the play-in game counts as a tournament win.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Who took your soccer ball away from you? You are just full of piss, moan, and woe is me attitude. Yes, USC lost, however, they played well. USC needs more depth. You forgot to mention that Baylor beat Oregon in your comment and Oregon is good. Cheer up little buddy, the sun will shine and will rise from the east. Everything will be okay.

  • Independent_George

    I am not tired of hearing USC set a record 26 wins. I like hearing about it and I will make it my mission in life to remind you of this fact.

    Also, I have no problem with winning a first four game. USC, in retrospect, was seeded too low (a lot like Wichita State) because the Committee had to fit in 9 ACC teams in order to placate Dickie V. and Jay Bilas, and they also had to fit in 7 of the Catholic School/Big East in order to placate grouchy columnists from the Big Cities on the East Coast.

    One out of the 9 ACC teams made it to the Sweet Sixteen. USC beat one of the Big East teams.

    • peter

      The first four game ONLY added to the mystic around the team..By the Baylor game the Trojans were a big Buzz at the dance. When we hit the dance next year ,this year’s team will be part of the mystic talked about.

  • peter

    Trojan Pride….Football provided us with great excitement and hunger for next season.
    Basketball provided us with excitement and hunger for next season….
    Basketball has improved greatly and with exciting recruits coming only leaves us in great anticipation for next year….Fight On…
    ( Whining Wolfie) smile your kind is being shown the door.

  • Christian

    A bittersweet end to a great season. Seeing how the rest of the east region panned out, it’s tough to think about what could’ve been for SC had they been able to pull out the win yesterday. It’s also interesting to look at the composition of the remaining 16 teams. The vast majority are junior/senior laden teams that have grown/matured together over a number of years. I think Kentucky and UCLA are the only 2 left with multiple 1 and done players. Hopefully this lets Andy and his staff know their biggest job between now and next season is to convince metu and BB that returning for another season is in their best interest. If they’re able to do that, this team has a good chance to be special and make a deep run in 2018.

  • Lunderful

    Will the USC tournament run help with recruiting?

    • Sas

      I hope so.