Florida Gulf Coast Women’s Basketball Coach Turns Down USC

If anyone cared about USC women’s basketball, this coaching search would be getting panned nationwide. Florida Gulf Coast coach Karl Smesko has turned down USC’s offer today, according to David Moulton of the Fort Myers News Press in Florida.

From what I hear, the money USC offered to Smesko would not make a move from Florida Gulf Coast as much of a no-brainer as fans might think. Even worse, former USC player and assistant coach Jody Wynn was hired today as women’s basketball coach at Washington. She was interviewed by USC but offered more money by the Huskies, I’m told.

Smesko was the second coach to turn USC down. Stanford assistant Kate Paye was the first. Is any of this surprising given that the last two hires (Michael Cooper, Cynthia Cooper) turned out to be disasters?

26 thoughts on “Florida Gulf Coast Women’s Basketball Coach Turns Down USC

  1. Just as well for USC – do some hard work and actually go and find a coach instead of the lazy ‘…yeah I know a guy…’ who’ll never make me look bad.

    • I had personal experience during Michael Cooper’s tenure, providing ideas to market and elevate the program- bring in fans, create excitement, etc. I discovered then there was too much arrogance (we know best). That arrogance continues today. Very insulated.

      • Cooper always reminded me of ‘Chris Rock’ i.e. running his mouth when surrounded by all the much bigger Lakers on the team just Rock does with his bodyguards.

  2. Is this a question of you get what you pay/won’t pay for? Guess SC needs another tuition hike.

    • Golden Trojan, How about our University Administration getting rid of all sports that are costing us “Significant” amounts of money each and every year with nothing to show for it ? Pay the bucks necessary to elevate our Women’s BB Program. The heck with ice hockey.

  3. That’s rough. We should have payed the Oregon St coach whatever he wanted and ended this long Era of mediocre basketball.

  4. Damn…. why is SC so cheap when it comes to paying HC’s? They think SoCal athletes will win championships on their own???

    • Swan and his predecessors assume women’s bb can never be revenue-producing. They fail to realize that South Carolina, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and many others had horrible programs with few fans going to the games. Now look at them. No vision from the AD

  5. Hope they find a players coach, someone who wants a start at turning a program around. A NO name would truly benefit from this opportunity. Winning produces MO MONEY!!!

  6. Women’s team has two McDonald’s All Americans coming in and are still waiting on a third but cannot find a coach?


    • USC has had plenty of All Americans come in. The problem has been getting them to play team basketball. You watch them and they think they’re still in high school. It’s all about coaching or the lack thereof.

  7. Gee, we probably will never get a women’s BB coach! There’s no more out there!

    Swann obviously wasn’t sold on Wynn, or he could have had her weeks ago.

    Be patient. Plenty of time. Plenty of coaching talent to poach.

    • USC hates women’s basketball. They probably prefer they not to field a team, but have to because of conference requirements. Long history of hiring cheap, sub-standard coaches, even since Stanley left/was fired and Cheryl Miller bolted after two years.

      • Why would USC hate any sport we have a team for? Makes no sense to me. Swann’s in total control here. He negotiated a lot of power into his contract. So you’re saying Swann doesn’t really want to hire the best women’s BB coach he can get? Yet he just fired Cooper-Dyke, a USC legend, in his first year. Seems like he wants a return to greatness to me.

        Who knows why Smesko said no. SW doesn’t.

      • At one point in time, I believe they did. During the Michael Cooper era, one of USC’s assistant coaches told me a story where former AD Mike Garrett (when asked about the women’s program) replied “Who gives a F___ about women’s basketball?”
        Today, it’s no longer hate, but tolerate. There is no vision and no commitment from the top to make USC women’s bb competitive in the Pac-12 and become a national leader. That translates to a continuous cycle of mediocre coaches and mediocre performance.

  8. USC has a sordid history regarding the women’s basketball program. Anyone remember Marianne Stanley, who sued Garrett for secks discrimination? Wrong cause of action but correct sentiment because the school wasn’t offering her squat, even though she recruited Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson and Micky McCrimmon. Then Cheryl Miller took the job but split as soon as she could.

    It is as if USC fields a women’s basketball team because they have to (Conference requirements and Title IX), not because they want to, and, if they could, they would ditch it in an instant.

    By the way, the weak First Digital word filter will not allow my to type s. e. x., so I had to spell it secks.

  9. Do we even need a coach to dry paint because that’s what watching women’s Basketball is like.

      • Dude. That was in 1984 which was 33 years ago. Half of the blog readers were not even born then.

  10. Swann is a joke of an AD. More interested in being at the Master’s Golf Tourney, maybe one of the golf players can coach WBB. He is a bigger figure head than Haden who at least hired the women soccer coach who won a national title. The USC national search is a farce.
    Credit though to Swann for getting rid of Cooper and tennis coach Gallien which was a no brain er, but he has no back up plan to replace them. The Pac-12 has left the WOT in the dust in basketball.

  11. As a USC alum, a former broadcaster for USC men’s basketball during the late 1960s, and who was there during the back to back national championships- A sad day for me. I’m very disgusted with the poor leadership of the AD. They keep making the same mistakes again and again and their arrogance keeps this horrible decision making cycle going.
    I’ve actually become a big Stanford fan (LOL) and the difference in vision, commitment to greatness, effort, etc. is amazing.
    USC deserves exactly what they’re getting.

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