10 thoughts on “USC Spring Game Question

  1. If you go to any spring game expecting to see a game and not practice, you’re going to have a bad time.

  2. New rule changes Ncaa, just came down.Including early signing date.Dec 1. Some other interesting new rules….find them ” Inside Goggle”
    New Poll:
    () yes I like the changes
    () no I don’t like changes

    () Heck, I don’t understand some of the changes.

    • Thursday ESPNU will have a 30 minute show all on USC Football. Called “CFB Daily: Spring Blitz”
      DVR it.

      • Hey buddy,thanks for the heads up.Yes I like the early signing more plus than negative..some of the other changes need to read closer , plus have them explained..theres a rule or two to pointed at Michigan.

  3. Whatever is the best use of time – that which will benefit the team most in winning a championship – is fine by me. It’s always a self-defeating thing watching a scrimmage – any time the offense succeeds, the defense loses, so we have nothing but CATS games.

  4. I am from the old school where they had two teams that went after each other in the spring game. It didn’t seem to hurt the program under McKay and Robinson. Sure injuries can happen, but also in a weekday practice they occur. Look how many guys will miss the fake scrimmage already. Not sure how they do it at Alabama or in the Big 10 these days. Why charge $10 for this dog & pony show, and especially parking costs.? Taking the metro down there which will be more of an adventure than the actual practice.

  5. To make Spring Games more interesting, and to also help eliminate those cupcakes games in September, why not have FBS schools host FCS schools for the Spring Games, and give the FCS schools the gate & TV proceeds.

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