Night Reading

USC senior associate athletic director Magdi El Shahawy is a finalist to become athletic director at Long Beach State.

Meanwhile, the No. 1-ranked USC beach volleyball team swept Stanford, 5-0, in the first-ever meeting between the two schools at the Stanford Beach Volleyball Stadium. USC has won 56 consecutive dual matches

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  • peter

    As a former coach and player of
    Volleyball,I do appreciate SW for posting about the great women’s beach VB team.

  • Ray

    So the gutties come here and talk crap about USC’s sand volleyball team. Do they also talk crap about STANFORD’s team? Get real gutties.

  • Jack B

    SC sand volleyball is the greatest team in the history of the sport on the college level. Not even SW can find a complaint with this Trojan program.

    • Ray

      SW is actually pretty cool. Sure he doesn’t post all the stuff we want. That’s fine. We go elsewhere for that. But we end up here too. SW is doing a good job.

      • gotroy22

        What is interesting is that swolf used to defend USC against ruin posters on the Wild West board. He just isn’t a brainless rah rah who defends the hired help and looks the other way at the mistakes, nepotism and corruption that crops up at USC just as it does in any large organization.

      • Jack B

        I actually know SW behind the facade, dog-and-pony show on display here. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and I respect yours.

        But IMHO, which is shared by others who know him, he needlessly and constantly focuses on so-called negatives which are either trivial, overblown or simply unfounded. And a lot of that isn’t cool in the least.