USC Night At Dodger Stadium

Tonight is USC Night at Dodger Stadium. Will Clay Helton appear? Andy Enfield? Lynn Swann? The Dodgers have a special ticket package for tonight that included a special USC Dodgers cap. The package sold out. However, tickets are still avaliable for UCLA night later this month. Of course.

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  • Alvarado

    Hey when’s ‘vin-dawg chevrolet’ night? Just sayin’…

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      At what point do you think the Dodgers should have cut Vin Scully loose and who do you think should have replaced him?

      • Alvarado

        Why Mister Bodine I do declare your missives ere. my own ‘bonne mots’ towards Vin-dawg is continuous. As I mentioned I was hoping for him to drop dead in the booth – then they would have had to declare it a national monument – you know guard of honor at the entrance, a Madame Tussard’s wax dummy of vin-dawg either in corpus delicti or upright – as it is that’s ‘…in the gloaming.’

        My wish was having someone akin to John McEnroe in the booth with ‘ye olde Vin-dawg’ together at once – someone not brainwashed into why grandpa from the nether world isn’t god incarnate and letting loose on him.

        Understand Scuflly was/is a great announcer but he never ever shared the booth save for an NFL broadcast he did a long time ago and some All-Star and World Series on national broadcast

        it was always and always shall be all about ‘…what’s best for Vin.’ Seems he’s already moving on and I’ll give him this – at least he isn’t haunting the place the way the peckerhead di at Pauley Pavilion.

        Now then sir I bid you a fond ‘adieu’…was worried Season 3 of ‘Fargo’ was headed for the round file last night but it righted itself when that A/C unit hit the perp’s noggin and the sidewalk last night – tally ho!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          I got around to the season 3 opener of Fargo last night. No more spoilers please.
          I thought it was good but season 2 is a hard act to follow. I thought season 2 was as good as television gets.

          • Alvarado

            How canst I? Episode 2 won’t air until this coming Wednesday and as episode did this past one. Yes as good as Season 1 was Season 2 was a knock out! Rather disappointed in how Taboo meandered into a ditch script wise – acting was ‘lights out’ also like ‘Turn’ and the kindly ‘Capt. Simco’.

            Well off to the book fair today – tally ho and away we go….see you next week in a brand new show! (Heckle an Jeckel!)

  • 04Trojan

    Look at you go, Flow, with the nice little UCLA zinger. Finally.